It gives him pause, but then he turns around to go talk to Jung-ho, since Nari promised to come right back. When he said “Don’t worry too much, I will live honestly” I was completely satisfied. I’m just sad that this series has ended, but I loved the ending and how they did the whole arc with Jung-ho. In the rebuilding of their friendship, the way Heung-soo forgave Nam-soon the level of acceptance, understanding, empathy, love, and willingness to truly let the past be past allowed Nam-soon to forgive himself. I think it’s the vocational school he wants. It also explains why they show up to school when all they seem to do is sleep.

Love the characters and show, overall, though. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Well done indeed show. Ruth January 23, at 5: Had the mean girls been the ones slandered, their parents would have been up in arms. I’m no extreme idealist when it comes to teaching — I know happily ever afters are impossible for all students — I just know you can’t make it without hope.

But any way I still want season II!! I want someone to call their asses out. I did a fist pump when Uhmforce finally called her out for slander. Ditu3ka January 23, at 5: I really didn’t understand the NS-HK resolution.

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I’m going to cry. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I’m critiquing the writers epixode you’re still inside the drama. Episodes by LollyPip. When In-Jae was not coming to school, Se-Chan tried to lure her back to school by telling her what was on the lunch menu.


Thank you so much javabeans and girlfriday, for all your hard work. As you can tell, I like Eoisode Joo. I want to have Hakyung overcome this pressure to get into Seoul U and tell her mother to back off.

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These teachers can’t hold onto him for life; he has to do it on his own. Or you could just say thank you? It shows why he opened up to Nari, beyond otherwise becoming human.

It clearly positioned those girls as the girls who were “at-risk,” rather than the mean girls. Thanks for the recap!

KJ grabbed HK’s shoulder, and HK shook her off but in her anger didn’t realize she was holding her ruler. I know that we didn’t get much background other than what involved Nam-soon, but from the little schiol got his life wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows no dad, mom in a coma, living with older sister and cared for by relatives and at the core he s such a good guy.

Here if teachers and students are facebook friends, that fact alone is frowned upon. In-jae returns the cell phone and asks Hye-sun about why she thought Jung-ho was the one who took it, and Hye-sun spills the beans about Nam-soon and the tardy pig. This ending really spun me. Eun Hye needs a change in worldview? I feel devastated this show is over. How I wish I could say the same.

Anyways it’s been a wonderful ride. The strength of their friendships Namsoon-Heungsoo, the trio ex-bully, Hakyung-Kangjoo, Nari-Hyesun are tested throughout the drama. If it were the girls’ first offense, perhaps but it wasn’t.

Thank you for the recap and the commentaries, JB and GF! Does Korea have an equivalent of the GED? It’s sort of a waste of time to address that issue when you have violent kids. BUT, I think the creative team told the story they wanted to tell and they told it successfully. I can’t believe next week will be the finale. He panics and starts calling her right away, and tells In-jae about the cell phone and the class finding out.


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The one with Go Soo’s face and the new tagline? I find Ha Kyung’s drmaacrazy in her thought very realistic for a student. I’m glad Ha-Kyung’s struggle wasn’t resolved, but that she was still able to carve out a piece of her life for herself – like playing hooky to thwart her mom.

You also don’t have to spend lots of money to get perfect skin.

Plus there are limitations as far as bonding with students go due to scool those regulations and policies. After the cell phone theft, Heung-soo gets hauled away by the cops as their prime suspect. Ha-Kyung’s mother’s behavior to Kang-Joo when her daughter is “perpetrator” and Jung-Ho when her daughter is “victim” was a demonstration of what was causing those soulless wonders.