Like, can we also stop and eat at every burger place and pizza joint we find along the way, too? By the way, my colleague at Miskatonic University sent this for you and your friends. Full Cast and Crew. She leads the gang to the Dark Lilith’s hideout after the monster attacks Jimmy. Yeah, but like, what? The costume Scooby wears while he and Shaggy are spying on Ethan at the soccer field is similar to that of Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid The gate then releases water trapped behind and turns into a boat, allowing Scooby and the gang to escape and become stranded at sea.

And the current Mystery Incorporated and their special companion, Scooby Doo. The final scene shows the crystal sarcophagus found by the conquistadors emitting the word “Nibiru. The Mystery Gang with their bull Tiny. After catching Char Gar Gothakon, the gang reunites only to find that Mr. Come Undone 05 Apr Season 2 Episode Meanwhile, in the real world, Fred begins acting strangely. The missile strikes the chopper and as Mayor Nettles attempts to land safely, Nova falls out and is nearly trampled to death by the herd.

The ihcorporated finds the Heart of the Jaguar, the spear used by the Hunters of Secrets that is able to destroy the evil entity trapped in the crystal sarcophagus.

Come to me through this portal. The gang decides to cooperate, after Pericles reveals that they have Hot Dog Water, and opens the first gate. This could be paying homage to Linda Cardelliniwho played Velma in the live-action Scooby-Doo and movies.

The gang enters the dimension, which is teeming with lava, and come upon the crystal sarcophagus and cursed treasure, realizing that they are beneath Crystal Cove.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Writer Harlan Ellison voices himself, though the animated version appears as he did in the s. The dialogue was a direct homage to that scene. And believe me, this has happened before, but you kids have slipped the time stream with me.

Due to Fred’s master trap skills, Mystery Incorporated overcomes the temple’s diabolical traps and discovers the Heart of the Jaguar in the tomb. When the gang realizes that the robots are coming from deep underwater, Daphne recruits two of her babysitting charges, Tom and Tuband their seal also named Scoobyto transport the gang in their submarine to the robots’ spawning vats, in an area the kids call “The Midnight Zone”. The fourth piece of the Planispheric Disk. As the herd begins devouring the town, the gang, Mayor Nettles, and Sheriff Stone use Ex-Mayor Jones’ helicopter to trap the herd’s queen.


Ethan suggests Doogle McGuinness, but the monster attacks as the gang is investigating him. A cryptic warning from Professor Pericles; a text message from Mr.

After some strange encounters, Mystery Incorporated realizes that all the evil ever caused by the Entity has come undone, thereby changing history. Scooby and Shaggy win an essay contest to have dinner with Vincent Van Ghoul. Fred is depressed that the villain escaped and states that Mystery Incorporated will not be the same since Daphne is never coming back. You know, since I never had kids of my own, I’ve always thought of the students here at my high school as all my kids, but you, Fred, you were always special.

The Sheriff hypothesizes that one of the Humungonaut’s green fur is the result of “outer-space gamma rays”, a reference to the Incredible Hulk.

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They decide that Cassidy Williams must be put out of undon way — socoby good. After learning that the next gate is below the water, the gang comes upon incorporatee final gate, which is opened using the flintlock. Velma rudely tells the heroes that Crystal Cove is their turf and Blue Falcon offers the gang to tag along. There’s a lot of meddling to do and a lot of mysteries out there that need solving. Thanks to Hot Dog Water, the gang enters the first gate; however, Hot Dog Water is killed by the Kriegstaffelbots nearly straight afterwards.

The episode title alludes to Fright Nighta film that also involves the friendship between a horror host and a teen out to solve a mystery. After catching Char Gar Gothakon, the gang reunites only to find that Mr. Velma’s action and a throw-away line in this episode are similar to those of Rorschach of the Watchmen comic mini-series by Alan Moore ; Velma even references Rorschach by name in this episode.

After Fred and Spartan have a long conversation, Spartan invites the gang to have dinner at his house. Mayor Nettles had a nightmare telling her that the gang would need her help in transporting the Heart jystery the Jaguar back to Crystal Cove. Worse than that, gang, we’ve created a world without mysteries.

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A beginning is a very delicate time. Using a tracking device located on Falcon’s belt, the gang and Dynomutt are able to locate Dr. Our neighbors, our families, they’ve never been negatively influenced by the evil entity.


Now, will you kindly get it off my field? However, the gang is saved by Blue Falcon and Dynomutt who explain that they have been tracking the robot for years. Velma reads udnone description of the Nibiru cataclysm off of her “favorite internet encyclopedia. Bring them to me, little minion. Like, dudes, where did that pint-sized posse come from?

Add the first question. Eventually, they are forced to turn to Sheriff Stone for help. Scooby even goes udnone far as getting a new best friend: The gang is asked by Mayor Nettles to solve the inocrporated so the Art Museum can be saved, but this becomes easier said than done as the gang are employed as part of Warsaw’s exhibit, leaving Daphne to work the case alone.

This episode and the previous one open with no credit sequence, just the title, to underscore the disbandment of Mystery Incorporated. A warning from an associate of Mr. Daphne agrees to return to the gang upon learning who Crybaby Clown is.

And thanks for letting us borrow your van. Favorite 10 Episodes from TV Shows. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. This uhdone and the following one open with no credit sequence, just the title, to underscore the disbandment of Mystery Incorporated.

This is also the second appearance of Alice May, as she last appeared in “The Legend of Alice May”, where she was also the culprit. Look at the sign. A vampire is loose in Crystal Cove stealing what appear to be random items. E and are going on missions for him; here they go to Russia to retrieve a piece of the Planaspheric Disc from an old house, but when they are stopped by the guard and the nightmare witch Baba Yaga comes to life and attacks them, they buy the house and bring it to Crystal Cove, where the house springs chicken legs and rampages around town.

Pericles also has a message for Mr. Gary voice Gary Cole