To fix the issue, you need to reselect your navigation style: Internet Explorer browser is saving the last choice selected and showing a misleading product price. When clicking on link image group jump to correct image clicked on – Now selects the link as well. ShopFactory Demo Splash Screen: Publish Setup dialog Requested function not available error. Missing magnifying glass icon in detailed page SF Show base price in Search Results page SF

Fix the issue when deleting some contents and clicking outside the content area that causes SF to shutdown unexpectedly SF Klarna and WireCard payments must have buyer country filter in v10 and v Show shipping costs consistently at basket page and fix alignment issues. Block Editor – Updating font must not append unwanted block to the dropzone. Fix problems with background colors and padding. Fix in all detailed view styles.

Remove trailing space in Quantity discount message SF Stock levels file is removed filk closing the stock editing dialog SF Fix editing a non-block inline image: AND separator must be used when narrowing down search filters – 4: Adding inline image in Slogan text box does not show up online – Site slogan box only allows adding texts.

Display choice prices properly after going back to the product page from basket page – Also fixed an issue when reloading the page in Safari if clicking on the product link in the basket page. Javascript error when SVG elements are present on the page.

Irrelevant “Discount applies” field with incorrect currency shows up on the basket page SF PayPal Express – refresh basket page when a buyer closes PayPal payment popup and be able to click on the strecth checkout’ button. Shipping” link in Related Product to show popup for zf1880 product info.

Inline image in Description section is not mobile responsive. Cannot translate “Top Navigation” and “Custom Navigation” footer navigation.


Fix reserved characters in query string of URL causing error on the payment pages. Show shipping methods consistently SF Base price not updating sometimes after changing price or adding a base price Light-box issue in Firefox 9 is also happening in ShopFactory V8 PEO To fix the issue, you need to reselect your navigation style: Update product loops to create paragraph versions – DES Character-encoding issue html entity shows up in search results page for commaand ” double quotes.

Zipcode not required for PostNL shipping provider but show Zipcode field if there are multiple shipping providers SF Fix selection of succeeding products within the normal editing window.

New Blog-type product styles: Recommended products weren’t showing up on some product styles caused by missing product icons. Selecting an image on a network share in Pageview doesn’t set the right path when you add inline images SF Fix js error Unterminated string constant caused by invisible newlines in Navigation name.

18″x1500FT 80 Gauge Stretch Film or Stretch Wrap

Editing product discount level must not remove tax in product Block Editor – Updating font must not append unwanted block to the dropzone. Show price when product has options and choices. Incorrect label of Tax on Shipping Cost. Block Editor – Updating font must not append unwanted block to the dropzone. Search function list of results can’t be clicked – file names with single quotes causes problems SF Product image appears to be stretched SF Add – minus symbol before discount percentage value in product styles and product detailed pages.

Order Total value in basket page is cut-off in German language.

Download patch This is a mega-patch and fixes the following issues: Prevent deletion of block images. Your mapping and color customizations will be automatically applied after the website theme filj reselected.


ShopFactory Pro* and Gold, latest release news

stretcch Now you can create great looking page content and product descriptions just by dragging content blocks onto your page and editing them.

Use Flickity for slideshow lightbox – bottom part of image was being cut-off when viewed in landscape on iPhone mobile device.

Shopping basket remains empty in Windows 8. Signup link keeps showing up even fulm membership management service has been turned off – Signup link is no longer displayed unless Setup membership is enabled.

Remember shopping cart causes 0. Incorrect H1 tags assigned to related products and recommended products – More details templates have been updated to use H2 since the page template uses H1 for the shop name. Changing Index 1 item font size does not get saved in Designer SF Fix alignment for product images for non-SFX website themes.

Show asterisk for required Filk SF Script errors appear when Website Name has single quote — escape quotes in shop title in the session storage code.


Fix dragging of snippet to a newly added custom HTML area. Use Flickity for slideshow lightbox DES Note that the fix will only work if you’re running on a bit version of Windows and have more than 4gb of system memory. Add a Padding if the buttons have long names.