Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Zoids Wild. A world of magic and chivalry. Please sign up and login to rate this video.! Minato just said ” She’ll be fine I bet it doesn’t hurt. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa. Ending up saving a group of them and lost his memory.

Dark Empire by RagnellAlondite reviews Ignored by his family, Naruto receives encouragement from the one person he should have stayed away from, Tobi. He seems to be in the right place. The man has sacrifice everything, including love, for the sake of Humanity. Rating ‘T’ may change later. The Hunters Dream might have faded and the Hunt ended, but finding ones worth in the waking world is harder than it seems. Familiar of Zero – Rated: AU, takes place after the first exams where they end up in Kyoto. M – English – Adventure – Chapters:

Shugo Chara! Episode 27 – NWAnime

This is a Pokegirl story and as such is rated M for a reason even if it is only mentioned in passing. Now they have new lands to explore and conquer, but it is filled with weak arrogant mages that are not worthy All hope was lost until Natsu protecting everyone but with the cost of his life.

Ranma ends up becoming the new Monster Lord. The Untouched by Skyring reviews Minato and Kushina survived the Kyuubi attack on Konoha and sealed the beast within their daughter Kasumi, the twin of Naruto, She is hailed the hero of the day and slowly throughout the years Naruto is neglected by his parents.

Their attempts come too little, too late. Will post new story title when ready. There will be fun, action and romance will Ichigo survive it who knows. Asobi Asobase Back Street Girls: Contact Us New Layout. Left behind the few people that he cared for. Rise of the Warrior by TheTwilightKnight reviews Being reborn was not something Tatsumi ever expected to happen to him after his death by Esdese hands.


Cbara Fate by madripper reviews What happens when Emiya Shirou goes on a hunt with a group of enforcers and finds himself in the middle of Fallen Angels and Devils? First time writing an Xover. Assuming that she was the best in wrestling, young Hikari challenged Kei to a wrestling match only to be thoroughly defeated by him.

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Not because of their strength, agility or endurance but because of their adaptability. They adapt humanity to be able to deal with it. Now thanks to a mission for a client he finds himself in another battle for something much bigger. They’re either movies, and Paranoia Agent is 13 episodes long.

Naturally, they all hate each other. Hell is fun21 6. The Devil’s Goddess by zaberfang reviews Dante is the last son of Sparda, and currently a devil hunter working as an odd jobs man.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kareon reviews In a different world, with different possibilities. Menma of Azeroth by Raxychaz reviews The Genesis was coming, the wrath of the combined forces of this gorgeous planet, had finally began to fall into place.

Ranma of the Shield by fanboy reviews Weird things happen all the time but for Ranma they are often a bit stranger. Not with crazy witches, funny death gods, and school girls coming for him it’s not? Monster Girl Encyclopedia – Rated: Light Pink Lover by Qinlongfei reviews All beautiful fairy tales come to an end.


His only hope is his sanity is durable enough for all hijinks and weirdness that happens in the entirely absurd world of games With Rurouni Kenshin I suggest you avoid the old ova are really sad and was not really the way the manga went. Now, with the power of Mantra at his side, Naruto will show what his family has left behind.

The man has sacrifice everything, including love, for the sake of Humanity. Gremory Flaming Devil by PeezyNguyen23 reviews Natsu had defeated the future rogue and the dragons return to the past. In another world on a special mission, Ranma is trying to do what he can to get some answers. Now with more content, and AUish. The Legendary Rebel, Juan, returns but he’s not alone in this fight against Claudette.

M – English – Drama – Chapters: But got transport into a different world where he is found by Sirzech to become his younger brother and become one the Great Satan. Mon, Oct 11 3: