A storm comes, and a tree falls over, resulting in a log targeting Amu, Tadase, and Saito. Yoru attempts to drag him out but Ikuto only says that unauthorized personnel are forbidden in his room. Futatsu no Kyara Nari! After Choco ran off, Lulu met up with her and turned her Heart’s Egg into a? They both get tied by firm ramen and Utau frees them with the trident she gets when she turns into Lunatic Charm. Tadase gives Amu the White Day present and confesses to her, asking if it’s OK to be in love with her.

They do a ballroom dance, and her? They go back to meet Amu and the others, who are all wondering where Yoru and Kiseki are. Amu finally uses Open Heart to purify the X Egg and free her. Nana becomes sick which leads to Lulu becoming very worried. The classmate is rejected, and this sends Koyomi into rage, running off. They begin to fight over who helped Amu the best, and everyone laughs.

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After the last episode, the? Or maybe only people with charas can see how purple chsra is? Lulu’s grandma chuckles and asks Lulu what her dream is.

Nagihiko mentions that Cecil was born from Yua’s dream, and if she doesn’t believe in her, she’ll disappear. Lulu episore, and the egg hatches to reveal a reborn Nana. Tadase gets furious and upset at Amu, and hurries out of her house.

Finally Amu, you ask the question. Egg, and he Character Transforms to Space Dream. The episode starts with a typical Director talking to idiot scientist scene, with the Director saying that Ikuto will concentrate on playing the violin and collecting many x-eggs. Hmm, maybe thats a tad too critical though. On Amu’s shugl home, Yoru keeps saying he feels Ikuto’s presence nearby.


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Archived from the original on August 12, Nadeshiko returns, but much to Kukai’s surprise, he is actually a boy named Nagihiko. Amu and Tadase are the ones to confront Ikuto. Yaya and Rima are caught under the girl’s spell and can’t stop dancing.

As soon as Amu gets home, she asks if Ikuto went out while she was gone while she was at school. Amu tells her that she will listen to her. Yua’s current uncertainty makes her a target for Lulu, and Cecil undergoes an extreme change when Lulu uses her necklace on Yua. To Amu’s shock, she accidentally slips, leaving Ikuto preventing her from falling and the two talk.

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Oh what a shame! Picking up after last episode, Utau manages to keep the festival going and saves the show. At the contest, Nikaidou apologizes to Yukari, because Yukari wanted the entry prize for Utau so Nikaidou teased her. Lulu also goes disguised as a fairy dancer. However, they see Nagihiko talking with Diamond, expressing his enviness towards Amu and wondering when his two eggs will hatch. Temari’s egg reacts and hatches, and Nagihiko Character Transforms with her to become Yamato Maihime.

They come to a door and Yaya manages to get it open. Tadase, Rima, and Yaya also Character Transform to help pass out fliers. Lulu’s grandma thinks that Amu can change Lulu to being a little more outgoing and fun, so Lulu’s grandma accepts Amu as Lulu’s friend. The next day, the Guardians have a meeting about their success. Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart to purify the eggs.

He promises that he is going to go to school the next day and talk over the situation with Amu. Lulu and Nana are walking down the street when they see a cyara -playing girl practicing her pitches. The two talk, but Miki senses the presence of a? Lulu’s grandma asks Lulu what her dream is.


Lulu is standing on one of the?

With her classmates, Amu goes to visit Manami’s ng shop. Those are very pretty rocks indeed. Lulu sees the Embryo amidst the swarm of purified Eggs.

Shot is shown of Taiyaki kid staring off into the distance, where the Embryo was. Amu explains that it was just a “stray cat. Nana is quickly rpisode into her egg and Lulu prepares to undergo a Character Transformation. Retrieved October 21, Archived from the original on February 28, Nana becomes sick which leads to Lulu becoming very worried. Death Rebel walks away. He refuses to talk to Amu or Tadase.

Utau ga Uchi ni Yattekita! He tells her that it’s just a pointless snack and runs off. When they got back inside, Lulu saw her parents dressed in Christmas costumes.

Being troubled by Ikuto leaving suddenly, Amu dreams about Ikuto still being there. After that, they decide to go to the lake the next day. Doki— episode list” in Japanese. She goes to play with Ami, but Tadase and the others meet up suub her. They all epispde to feel Amu’s radiance in them.