She awakens to Ikuto, who is still at her house. Have an issue with the staff or wish to file a ban appea, click here. The episode ends in a cliffhanger as everyone looks up at the impending danger. Flagging – If you see anyone violating the rules, please use the report button “mark as inappropriate”. Amu first says that the girl’s dream is pretty weird, but apologizes later. Amu wants to know, but in order to keep her exterior, she asks Rima to go. The Calico Cat Search Party!? Amu says this isn’t Ikuto’s would-be self and triggers the full power of the Humpty Lock.

When Ikuto performs, X Eggs are extracted from the audience. Kairi apologizes to Amu, and Amu starts blushing again. Although Saaya proves to be stubborn, Lulu changed her Heart’s Egg to a? After his “special training,” Kukai tells Tadase that the Guardians and Guardian Characters will always be with him. Amu still hasn’t heard from Yua though, and begins to worry. After the meeting, Amu, Manami, and Wakana meet with Nikaidou. Archived from the original on September 12, Rima gets Amu and when they find Wakana, they try to stop her.

In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. The rain clears, showing a rainbow.

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Kairi, who recovered and took Amu’s advice, starts searching for him, while Amu and Tadase already were. The remaining three think that Amu and Tadase are in love, and Amu gets flustered.

After that, they decide to go to the lake the next day. Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like “X is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an instant ban.

Yaya teases him, causing Amu and Tadase to blush and Saaya to become upset. Utau also attack using White Wing. However, Amu drops by Lulu’s house to visit Nana. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amu tries to reason with Lulu, and Nana blurts out that the person she wants to make happy is her mother. Amu begins to run after Tadase, but doesn’t find him in the end.


A stray heart aims for Rima, but Nagihiko jumps and takes it, almost confessing he’s Nadeshiko to the rest of them. He confesses but, Rima rejects the confession kindly, saying she can’t see herself going out with someone yet, and the party goes by without a hitch.

Shugo Chara!

Lulu frees Ikuto, because she does not want him to get the Embryoas she wants it for her mother. Lulu notices this, so she plans to get to Mamoru after he leaves the planetarium, but Amu sees her. Later on, Lulu asks the girl, Koyomi, to predict her fortune. Retrieved July 10, They are also worried that Easter will be there since it is a place where many people will gather.

It’s cleaning day for the entire school. Now that Utau is famous, Yukari is planning on moving to a bigger office. Two festival performers, Kiko and Rin, are practicing for the festival’s show.

At school, Amu burns herself and Tadase helps her. Eventually, they get many people to come. Lulu replies she does not know yet, but her grandma says she recalls Lulu saying that she always wanted to become an googanime when she grows up. When she goes to bed, she is surprised to see Ikuto asleep beside her.

Shugo Chara! Episode 45 English Subbed at gogoanime

The gogoznime starts with Yoru looking exhausted as he rests in Kiseki’s chair. The Guardians order their Guardian Characters to take care of the kitten, but the Guardian Episodde have lost the kitten after a while.

While the other Guardians distract the staff, Amu and Tadase manage to get backstage. On Amu’s way home, she bumps into a little boy. Many others are celebrating Valentine’s Day today.


She turns nearby people into ballerinas who surround Amu and Tadase. Prism Music, and succeeds. She begs Ikuto to play his violin there, but he refuses. When Amu makes a high school boy, Yugaku Iwagaki, angry, she gets more than she bargained for as he chases the female Guardians all around the school. With some unexpected help from El who went to do errands, but didn’t come back to Utauthey formulate a plan.

Amu becomes the 1 gogoanjme girl at school. The classmate goes to confess her love for Tadase, while Amu and Koyomi watch. Natsuko throws a epieode to Amu, thinking she can’t hit it. She’s trying to force herself to hate singing. Just before the concert, the X Gogkanime of Utau’s fans appear. A young Utau and Ikuto are outside the waiting room of a hospital, waiting for their mother. As many X Eggs gather, Kazuomi shuts down the tuning fork, dissolving Ikuto’s transformation.

Ikuto convinces her not to tell that she saw him and she lets him leave. Amu leads Lulu’s grandma to Lulu’s house and Amu joins them for lunch. The two attack, but when they get cornered, Yaya steps in.

Amu tells Haruki that it’s okay as long as you enjoy the way you eat it. At first, Nayuta is highly enthusiastic about UFOs, but after she learns the crop circle was a prank, her self-esteem lowers to the point where Nana could detect it.

Amu says this isn’t Ikuto’s would-be self and triggers the full power of the Humpty Lock. Amu explains that it was just a “stray cat.

Amu meets Lulu, and she learns that Lulu can see Guardian Characters.