You see the main problem? If nigeria abroad make good money. Not to mention you barely know any Yoruba history at all, btw. You would never ask for money how to buy a car say amen. She tell the whole story, not of her lifes but the lifes of nigeria. Because he was a yoruba man.

Let me do it the way they use to do it when i was fore father were around. One day the river will overflow, and there’ll be nowhere for us to go http: You have to live here to understand how it works. And you people forget Benin discovery large oilfields. I would pay u any amount u want just to stop claiming u re Yoruba. The senate and house of rep approve it without a consitutional review.

You know they shame. That coast is POPO. Even if you look at Obasanjo policy, he did. And when you are not smart it is a problem. Option is war, which have 15 millions lifes in danger. Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: My first time of going to benin republic was when i was about 15 or 16 years. They were never wiped up. It is the water that weaned me that I have come to see.

It makes economy sijuwadr.

So when soludo better be careful. When we Yoruba leave, we would make this countries the main business partner. Can I get a chance to talk to you? See How To Advertise. The seven son of Oduduwa. Our economy would pick up. I think the easy one is Yar adua doing it. Very very rich, The coast of Togo that you see that is part of Republic of Benin in the map is the 7th child of Oduduwa. We would not be.


Now, I’m looking out of my window, and what do I see? Now if we leave Nigeria. Do you see this video. Which 20 th are you talking about. My bro, you think we should just move on in this poverty, you have internet while some dont have anything to eat this night, you know that? If you think Oyo today is yorjba same location as Oyo one or two hundred years ago then you should change your eyeglass prescription.

Ode poverty or ode stupid can you give me your kadara destiny I want to control it. It means that nigeria banks manage billion naira of money we abroad nigerian sent. You never siiuwade of migration before?

So, There is fire on the mountain, and nobody seems to be on the run. Only 4 of the children are in Nigeria.

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aijuwade I hope you know Ketu, Sabo and Popo were wiped out and the old inhabitants of the town either shipped overseas or relocated elsewhere- all in the 19th century. CharlesmudI want to correct a mistake. That would make you rich. I would pay u any amount sijuawde want just to stop claiming u re Yoruba. My brother, yorubz want the simpliest way out which is not possible in Nigeria’s case cus its more damage and has more complex and complicated problems than you think.

You see if we divide when a company from abroad want to set up a company, they would need to set up in two country and 2 location. You would never ask for money how to buy a car say amen.


And when we leave them.

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And we need our destiny back. But I have been correct.

Go ask solomon how wisdom is. Ko se gbogbo ko, la le su online, epo. Can you get your behind up from your chair, go dust off a history book, open it, open your eyes, and actually read. He was accompanied by over ten Yoruba Obas from Benin Republic. YAr adua should ask IBB, how they remove him.

Could it be love for your country, or for the gun you use in killing? Ode yorubba keep quiet, you are not contributing anything, Do you omvie a brain?

If ivory coast was part of nigeria.

Asha is smarter than most nigeria leadership. When Yar Adua handed over Bakassi to cameroon. You would know nigeria is a time bomb. Asha is Yoruba, i assume. The world would not agree with rigging that Yar adua is planning. This is the best solution for yar adua and the north.

Nigeria are not to smart that they can not express themself like Ode poverty. Ode mogie is also ode stupid.