I hope it ends soon. What the heck happened to the story I fell in love with way back when? Daniyal is another one who is really good and believable as Chotu, just wish his character would have been a bit more believable, and shown some growth. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Bilal sahab ke to kya kehne…….. Lets see whats next. Shehrazade might have lost her grip on the narrative, but she has managed to extract good performances from her actors.

Silwatein Episode 9 4th March Embed this content in your HTML. So annoying and frustrating. Not a good priority in the long run. Can we please move on? Daniyal is another one who is really good and believable as Chotu, just wish his character would have been a bit more believable, and shown some growth.

And this drama is now turning into same old sisters rivalry!

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Silvatein episode 7 in High quality by ARY digital — 21th march Fingers crossed ke ab agle ek do eps are better than the past few ones! After Bilal brings Natasha home there is a confrontation between Rayaan and Natasha, which has the ridiculous outcome of inducing her altest pains. Silvatein episode 6 in High quality by ARY digital — 14th march Rayaan ko pata nh kya acha laga is me.

Despite my problems with the characters and the pace of the story, I continue to follow Silvatein because of the fabulous acting. Silvatein By Ary Digital Episode 22 — 4th july Rayaan running his business in the US while sitting in PK, one could argue he was telecommuting, magar usko time hi kahan hai.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Silvatein episode 3 in High quality by ARY digital — 21 february Married to Nasty Natasha is the Clueless Chotu — kiya aadmi hai yeh bhi? Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 25 of WOW and that was a full justice to sum slivatein last five episodes.


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Come on yaarhow can you actually believe all the nonsense Natasha feeds you about the taveez? Became quite serious and sort of cliche too. I thought exactly the same thing as well — mere dil ki awaaz!! Mira Sethi is very good as Natasha, again with her too, I wish her role had allowed her more margin than just play the evil annoying sister.

Zaib was one character that i loved so much, and seeing it butchered literally makes me go mad. I liked this drama when it started. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log epiisode Of course Rayaan is wracked with guilt and of course Natasha takes full advantage: Bas ab it needs to end….

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I had hoped that perhaps this would be a turning point or some great moment of self-realisation for this character but I was wrong. Bas ab it needs to end… Like Like.

elisode I hope to see the story falling back into its place. Much as I love the acting, direction and dialogue it seems that situation after situation occurs in which Natasha manages to do and say the most offensive things possible but again and again she is immediately forgiven and brought back into the family circle. From Zaib to Natasha, man!! Silwatein Episode 12 by Ary Digital 25 april Tune.

If ever there was a stalled story in need of some serious dhakaSilvatein silvateun it! Actually, you know what, on second thought, you and Natasha deserve each other — both are like children, refusing to grow up.

Silvatein Last Episode 24 in High Quality 18 july She know her daughter is entirely in the wrong yet apart from the few tiresome words of scolding which are her standard repertoire she does nothing and claims not to understand who is at fault.

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About US Submit a review. Silwatein Episode 11 by Ary Digital 18th March Latwst me of new posts via email. Notify me of new comments via email. I am just going to repeat evegryone here and say please kahaani ko kuch to forward karo………. Silwatein Episode 10 by Ary Digital 11th March Silvatein episode 4 in High quality by Latrst digital — 28 february Hum bhi khareed lenge……. Since when did the dramas become longer then 22 episodes. I love watching Adeel and Aamina together, I just wish they had livelier characters to work with.


She is not only ms. Bilal is as laetst in a forgiving mood and brings her home while Zaib decides to take all the blame episide the incident on her head. Silvatein Episode 16 in High Quality 23 May That most of the action, inaction actually, takes place with the characters seated, either on beds, couches or around the kitchen table, gives the feeling that the story is literally at a standstill.

Daniyal is another one who is really good and believable as Chotu, just wish his character would have been a bit more believable, and shown some growth. How I wish that Shehrazade and her DOP had shown some creativity in framing the scenes and added some movement, and that Six Sigma had loosened their purse strings a bit more and added some outdoor locations, moving the narrative beyond the confines of the four walls, bringing in sivlatein much needed breath of fresh air to a now claustrophobic story.

Watch Promos of Silvatein: Yes Zaib is being selfish, her main concern is her relationship to Natasha rather than her husband ….