The drama triggered the Korean Wave in the country and its lead star Bae Yong-joon became very popular amongst women in the country. He hides his reaction with a prevarication, and hauls butt to a bus stop to drop Yoo-jin off. Min-hyung remembers that it happened in America, not Korea. Min-hyung is hiding behind a tree and witnesses their goodbye hug. Email required Address never made public. Kang Joon-sang, is he a long lost twin?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The next morning dawns bright and sunny. Sang-hyuk shows up just as Min-hyung starts his questioning. Yoo-jin cuts to the chase; what does she really want? Through a tissue of lies by the very people who should love and support her, Yoo-jin pulls away from her own happiness and heads for responsibility and pain instead. Her face freezes as he takes his leave.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. She honestly tells him about the situation, but believes he will be better once some time passes. Winter Sonata marked its 10th year milestone with a staging of a new musical adaptation that ran from September 27, winnter March 18, She knows right away that he has been drinking, and quickly leaves her boutique to meet up with him.

Which one is the real person? One of them is from Chae-rin. Neither as Kang Joon-sang or as Lee Min-hyung, he has no right to the woman. Especially that Kang Joon-sang.

Sang-hyuk is waiting on the stoop, and quickly envelopes Yoo-jin in a hug. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Mom is prattling about the wedding, and gives her a gift for her mother. Excerpts, links, and screencaps may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Shukmeister and Musings of a Twisted Mind with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. If he is going to talk nonsense, not tell his precious Yoo-jin that he is Joon-sang. Mom is happy to have them both there, but her face falls when Sang-hyuk announces that the couple will move overseas.


She turns to flee and accidently hits some artwork that was leaning against the table. Oh My Venus Moorim School: Kang Joon-sang, is he a long lost twin? The dog died a short time later of a broken heart.

He tells her over coffee the strange circumstances of his first meeting with Yoo-jin; how she went to high school in Choochun, how he reminds her of his first love from that school. Just like in Japan, Bae Yong-joon became popular among middle-aged women. She stops when she realizes someone is stepping in her footprints, and smiles at her shadow. Min-hyung smoothly moves the talk to that missing person from the club…what was his name?

Yoo-jin is slowly walking down the row of trees until she reaches a park bench. Winteer the dark, Yoo-jin is going over everything in her head as Min-hyung approaches her.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. With live, flapping fish. Views Read Edit View history. Twenty years ago he saved a young kid from drowning, but kids these days never show donata gratitude.

He pulls off to the side of road and demands to know if that is the truth.


Through the window, he sees that Min-hyung is there to meet her. The guy starts explaining the vacation-time-as-quitting subterfuge plot, but Sang-hyuk overhears him and quickly shuts him up with busy work.

When she leaves her bedroom, Jin-sook is packing up to leave. She sinks to a chair beside the bed. Poor Lee Min-hyung is left alone in the snow as Jong Yoo-jin hurries back to Seoul after making the decision to stay with Kim Sang-hyuk. The series shot actor Bae Yong-joon into stardom in Asia, and he became especially popular among middle-aged Japanese women. He pulls up to her office just as she is hailing a cab, and follows her to a bar.


With the concert over, she exits the venue, only to collapse outside the hall. He runs out to meet her, finally catching up and slowing as Yoo-jin wanders across the snowy landscape. Sang-hyuk drives like a bat out of hell to the old high school grounds to track down their old teacher.

A Japanese comic has also been published of this story, using sohata of the series as covers. Slowly he pulls it out of his heart. Yoo-jin shows up at the studio as the sidekick passes, and congratulates her on picking a wedding date.

Manager Kim finds them amusing. She tries to explain she had something to return, but he fires back: Sang-hyuk and his coworker are waxing rhapsodic when they spot Min-hyung walking across the foyer. He just wants a moment to look at her and hope that she missed him.

Sang-hyuk shows up just as Min-hyung starts his questioning. And poor Min-hyung also finds out secrets that his loving family has been hiding.

Yoo-jin is seemingly unaffected. Had anyone thought that maybe he himself was an altered Kang Joon-sang. Sang-hyuk tries to halt this, but Min-hyung is unstoppable.