You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Oh, thanks for the insights as to why he seems pretty normal about finding out tt yoon shik is a girl. It bothers me when people aren’t honest. The weird thing is, in a drama like this usually the one who die is the carefree one like Ladymoonstone October 20, at 8: I hope not though, but I’m worried.

I like the anguish and all but still, the X factor that i m looking for is missing.. And the majority would be centered on them just playing catch the mouse with the awesomely handsome rebel with a red paper cause!!! Or how impossible it is for Yoon-hee to eventually sit at the right hand of the king and show those darn men how things are done. Let us pause a moment in the perfect set-up of his torment. The other students start bullying Yoon-hee, immaturely throwing vegetables and salt at her and jeering Koreans believe salt chases away bad luck. God, I can’t believe how stuck on this show I am that I have microanalyzed the difference in the decibel level of Yongha’s voice.

Back in what seems to be the faculty room, Professor Jung sets In-soo in his place.

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And an interesting life is whole lot more worth living than a boring one, I say I think Yoon-hee’s worry is also because she’s thinking of Sun-joon more at this point. At least for the remaining six episodes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

So when he discovers the truth, after the initial shock of seeing body parts he never expected, I imagine he felt a flood of relief first and drwma. Morning comes and Jae-shin wakes up to both Yoon-hee and Yong-ha asleep at his side, having nursed his wounds all night. I just may have to take that back.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal 1-20 (Final)

Yoon Hee rolling herself up with the blanket was awesomely adorable. I am right behind you!! You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

October 31, at 1: Song Joong Ki’s face is perfection. I know that you do not care about historical context, but “I do”. It could have been an advantage for him.

Ah, Yeo-rim, your porn stash saved the day. It’s a tribute to Park Min-young’s acting that a natural attraction to Yoo Ah-in doesn’t just leak out in her scenes with him.

I’ve sungkyyunkwan waiting for that the scanndal series.

She wants to live in the moment and be happy right now; these morea will never come again for her. Honestly, i cannot imagine marrying someone like Sun Joon that talk about things like philosophy etc all the time. You can see the changes in Sun Joon when he is alone with Yoon Hee. But I imagine Minister Ha has bigger things on his plate. Gotta go back and see more from him! Han-gyul’s angst is well deserved because Eun Chan deceived him into thinking that she was a he while agreeing to get into a relationship with him.

Excuse me as I go drool over some screencaps. You’re right in that Confucian thought was more “open” towards homosexuality in that they didn’t condemn it, and yes, people of high standing did partake in it.

Cornered, the faculty has sungkyumkwan choice but to acquiesce. And that scene where they were up in the tree Kim Mi Kyung Supporting Cast. And Jae Shin’s oranges reminds me how Awesome he is, because we know he’s a brilliant student as he read all the xinopsis in the library but the fact that he’s not the show-off type like you-know-who ahha makes me fall for him zcandal harder.


I would love to really really understand the dialogue. He goes from badass to angry to unaffected to light in, like. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

If he did that, then I would hate him for the entire series! Sad that it’s ending soon. And the reference to Tamna’s oranges Team Park Kyu!!!

By the way If you guys think this episode is sungkuynkwan ,wait till you see Eps 17! I was just wondering whether anyone saw this scene as well? What follows is some major butt-action as Jae-shin tries to push Sun-joon back and Sun-joon holds his own. Sunjoon only, sungkyunnkwan they’re relying on the fact that Sunjoon is too upright to associate with homosexuality.

Sunhkyunkwan SKK and this drama are equally gorgeous: I know that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was initially toted as a fusion sageuk — but is it possible for it to be a fantasy fusion sageuk so I can have my unrealistically happy ending? The affected lilt goes away entirely and the voice is much deeper, delivery flatter when he’s genuine.

The very fact that there is a word for homosexuality an interestingly indicative one at thatthat there were harsh prohibitions regarding it, etc.