EvilStep goes all mental over finally finding Yeong-rang and finally stops when In-ha says she threatened to disappear again if anyone came down to see her. Very realistic and touching. Great job,you’re really off too a great start because even your first drama is awesome. But back at Incheon, Jung-wook is there to say his own goodbyes to Ji-ho while asking if Ji-ho finally found the cojones to call Yeong-rang his mom yet? Even after her long career, I’d bet she is honored to have such a quality script and character to convey. I didn’t find it touching.

But maybe him being a not so great dad was sort of the point. In conclusion, I love you drama. It has brought together seamlessly all that I feel are cardinal virtues in a drama: Apple May 19, at LarryMimosa August 13, at 3: Sweet, hyung-loving lil’ bro on one side, cold-blooded murderer on the other and PBG played it masterfully. Rejoyce your recaps are really good, you dont skimp over the details which i love.

Knowing that fact alone obviously contributed to some viewer squickyness over their interactions. It is what has caused him immense suffering — from the moment he realised that Lawyer Jang is Min and what all that implied — but his sense of justice did not evaporate with that realisation.

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Real life would be super akward if he tried this and I’d probably punch him to release some of that goey cheese,infact he’d beg me to punch him.? And with Hyun being a logical and rational guy, it probably made him respect her more.

He left “new identity” and his chance to escape behind in the hospital, to give himself up at the police station. While I can kind of understand robinhood thieves, I can never condone robinhood murderers.

Yet, he played drastically different roles. Because I was able to like you, Sinopiss was glad. His own redemption arc felt like the writer just basically gave up on trying to figure out how In-ha would eventually see the light and walk a more righteous path.

We see Yeong-rang on a gurney trying to be resuscitated on her way to the emergency room. That must be novel for him. At least the end suggested that Min would turn himself in, so I can have peace of mind now. I guess I didn’t realize how versatile he is. LarryMimosa August 14, at Menci August 13, at 7: Sorry to anyone who thinks “liking a murderer” is just wrong She will love him from first sight, he will ask her to get lost inspite of his cold demeanor, he will be moved and gradually love her back.


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Plus Bogummie has this sassy attitude, as if he was not hot enough already Da-mi meets up with now Resident Woo-jin, who takes her to task for being late. I’m honestly grateful to having been able to see a show of such calibre and intensity. Also, Lee Min is Hyungs brother, Lawyer LSHo was his identity for 20 years while being a killer, that could have been another detail no one has thought of, Lee Min is a new identity in some sort of way but then again, Min just needs to be in jail for the sakes of many people here just wanting a lame ass-predictable kdrama ending with a female smooching on a male lead.

One thing I loved about the drama and especially the main characters was the lack of unnecessary melodrama. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Their first attempt is not so successful Hyun: Yes, this drama could have lacking in many ways without her.

No wonder Min develops issues. She stupidly tries to put it out with some oily rags and finally gives up, thinking that dying in a fire is not a bad way to go.

Seo inguk, i know him from reply and he is indeed good! Sure, i will comment more often now. Aaaah what a wonderful show!!! Who knows if they will ever return as strong as before? I’d have to say, I like shalini’s ending the best too. Seung-joo takes the softer route, and tearfully asks if Joon-young was more important than them.

Shalini, I already left a comment in your blog, but I’m going to repeat it here anyway: Back to the show,Yay they kissed,but honestly i really didnt care, i was content with sinoopsis hand hold. The show will move without her! As Ji-an and Hyun walk hand-in-hand through the streets, Joon-ho walks past the couple. She wasn’t looking to be begged for time, she wasn’t negotiating, and she wasn’t worried about how this might impact some future romance: So basicly he is put Ji An in the people his like, just in another level than Hyun.


I think if Hyun died Min would still not ahmumma people After a good long time staring back at each other terakihr listening to The Position warbelling underneath, Da-mi just turns and walks away.

This scene is so misunderstood, of course it’s just symbolic.

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Oh and by the way for him, how is Yeong-rang doing these sinopxis Because he knew, Ji-An remembered him, she was his hard-disc and memory bank.

August August 13, at 5: And i wish some of these actors read mias comments and realise how thankful we are to them for doing wonderful dramas. Remembrance direct your future, mould your True Self in future. He needs to be alone that’s only way he can impose moral compass step by step.

Even after her long career, Episodf bet she is honored to have such a quality script and character to convey. I try to wax lyrical over something that I appreciate Hyun, coming back full circle to their first meeting. Since he promised he will it’s sure thing he is confident Min is going to make right choice.

In-ha says his flight leaves in the afternoon… and maybe the two of them should say goodbye to each other, no? Hey mary of bethany- Hi. It was so much more touching without all the hysterics that could have happened in that conversation. After that, it teraakhir just natural to open up more and more with the lover-stuff. He blew me away as Min.