Ayo” adalah jawaban yang tidak dia mengerti sama sekali. If we keep pushing it then she might say she wont get married. SY apologizes and says they have to end the wedding ceremony today. TB show the note from her mom and asks SY: TH gets a text. She says they have to be fitted for the dress and tux and asks when they can go. Tae Hee tidak membuang kesempatan itu dan langsung mencium Ja Eun lagi.

This is my favorite part about Kdramas —when the couple dances around their feelings trying not to let the other one know that they are interested. TP comes in to say hello and is surprised to see Y there. The mom seems relieved. J overhears all of that. TB says he will and drinks. TB drinks his water in anger.

SY changes the subject and asks where Y went-where did she go this morning.

I want to hurry and get it over with. I love how her ear is peeking through her wavy hair, and besides the great visual I was happy about all the cute and dorky awkwardness. SY apologizes and says they have to end the wedding ceremony today. TS walks YJ home simopsis thanks her for coming today. J is sketching and sees pics of sneakers and remembers how TH fell on her.

KBS ‘s Saturday-Sunday dramas. Did anyone besides me notice how many times he tried not to look at her in this scene?

Ojakkyo Brothers E17 and E18

The mom comes out and they all stop laughing to stare. It would be a lie to say so. TH pulls up and sees J sitting there looking sad. Especially my wife really likes SY.


He asks if she is excited about getting a daughter in law. KBS Drama Awards [8]. I will drink it well. She agrees to it.

MS agrees to let her and says J can use it every day too. Kejadian itu sontak membuat Ja Eun marah dan berlari meninggalkan mereka berdua.

The class ends at 3 so I will come right back after that. Ryu Soo-young and Choi Jung-yoon. She looks at the time and removes the blanket and finds the photo. I will pretend not to be the aunt. Its better too late than never, right?? Following his advice, Ja-eun buys a tent, lives outside the house, and helps on the farm. TB says he was thinking of living in his officetel. I was really surprised with Uee. She looks over at TH. Terus juga kasih sayang ibu di drama ini dapet banget.

So you can go too? TS mouths for him not to ask. Y calls her impressive. J comes back from the sauna and puts away her shower stuff in the tent and gets her purse. My Husband Got a Family. TS mentions that is how TB always was. The mom yells back at them. As she leaves she sees her step mom go in and sell her bracelet and scarf. Were you by any chance looking for my credit card? When TH goes to his room TP is there snooping around.

SINOPSIS Ojakgyo Family Episode 1 – 58 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

She smiles at him. Dad makes a comment about TS so the mom asks why the dad talks like that about TS and not the other sons. His face gets cut slnopsis the chase.


He says that unni made a contract with a large store —this is my fantasy. Tae Hee berkata bahwa dia hanya bisa mengerti jawaban yang jelas seperti “Ya” atau “Tidak”, dan jawaban aneh seperti “Ya. GM says the mom paid ojakgjo much attention to her looks cuz of the in laws.

He looks at his wife.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Her father is lost sinopsls the sea and her selfish stepmother leaves her after her father is bankrupt.

Without discussing it with us? SY gets a call and tells Y to put down the flowers.

The minister goes on ojakgyi how in this world —at least just one person giving in losing is ok. He shows the number he was about to dial. The oldest son, Hwang Tae-shik, is an almostyear-old physical therapist who has a son named Guk-su from a Filipina. He calls out her name and makes a heart shape with his arms. Ini drama yang keren banget. October 24, at 4: The third son is a policeman and the peacemaker of the family, who feels the land should be shared. Ja Eun yang terkejut hanya bisa terdiam mematung, tapi begitu tersadar, Ja Eun spontan mendorong Tae Hee menjauh.