Saat si cantik Eun San Im Yoon Ah , putri orang terkaya, muncul di depan kedua pemuda tersebut, ketiganya menjadi teman baik, namun keadaan berubah setelah Won dan Rin sama-sama jatuh cinta dengan San. That’s not a lot to base on. I’m completely hooked now. Thanks a lot for this recap. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: They have one on the way, he assures Yoon-kang. Shortly thereafter, Sohn Taek-soo awakens with a start to finds his wife bound and gagged. In fact, I like this jaded Soo-in more, because while her bright-eyed idealism was admirable, it was also quite naive, and now that she knows the world as it is, she has a more rounded perspective.

They are so beautiful to watch. The different is, this time, it will be LJK who’s trying to avoid her. Kiara July 10, at 5: I like the pacing of this drama; it’s fast and doesn’t keep going in circles making us go, “We get it, move ooooooon. Lee Jun Ki is rocking those glasses. If they aren’t going to do much with the character, I wish they had clearly killed her already. The officers charge in with swords drawn, and as a fight breaks out among the traders, Ho-kyung finds an opening for them to escape.

Also, shouldn’t finding out what happened to his sister be Yoon-kang’s top priority? Everyone seems to like him but me. I agree with everything except the Legend of Korra part. Shortly thereafter, Sohn Taek-soo awakens with a start to finds his wife bound and gagged.

His roles show his range as an actor: Jung-hoon catches a glimpse of Yoon-kang as mlnister exits the property, and munister a clumsy job of giving chase through the neighborhood. Yoon-kang acts offended at her rebuke, and when she offers to send them to a gibang instead, he gets up and declares his connection to their trading association over.


Yong Pal Final.

No one can express pain as good as junki. Officer Moon explains that King Gojong called him back to the city to reopen the gunman ministr in secret. She could be anywhere in any house. Yoon-kang is sort of amazingly rude in this meeting, which keeps the Chois on their toes as they do their best to be appeasing. LJK is doing a great job handling the guns, fluid movements and they really are like an extension of his arm.

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Liking that lovers theme song. I hope that changes because I’ve been waiting for a good saeguk. Episode 12 by LollyPip. RyeBlossom July 10, at 7: I am soooo excited for the next episode! He is such a wimp.

Both bullets land—in arms, nonfatal—and Yoon-kang falls off his horse. Dia menilai orang dari seberapa ban Ah, so he did notice Yoon-kang after all. Kkadorama I loved him in Hero too though many dislike that drama. I think she and SI are similar in a way. Gah, nobody beats Lee Jun-ki for expressive eyes.

My Princess Episode Final. I like Hye Won already so it’ll be too bad to see her self destruction.

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Meskipun awalnya mereka lahir di tahun yang sama, tapi dua anak yang telah berteman sejak kecil ini akhirnya terpisah selama 12 tahun.

Aw, is it best friend Jung-hoon? Yoon-kang has reinvented himself as Hasegawa Hanjo, the right-hand sinposis to an important businessman, Yamamoto. Junki expressive eyes no one can beat him.

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It’s too bad that even Soo-in became so jaded after having epiode many dreams, but now that we’ll have our leads interacting again next episode, perhaps it won’t be long before they both begin to dream again. The next day, Yoon-kang heads out with Sang-chu, disguised as peddlers.


Soo In was sheltered from outside and grew up minizter knowing the dangers in the world, while HW grew up without knowing her father’s other identity, again to get protected from possible dangers.

Can’t wait for a new one tonight. Episide loved her in episode 4 and 5, and I think she’s practically flawless in emotional scenes although not so much in light cute moments. Peime ladies arrive at the meeting, Soo-in with fireworks kit in hand. They have one on the way, he assures Yoon-kang. Selalu suka dengan drama-drama Joo Won The aegyo part in the first few episodes is essential to her character- how she was naive and curious about the world like a child, and how she’d change after what happened with YoonKang etc.

It is a priority but he is going about it the right way. Iljimae was okay for me; he acted well but I didn’t liked how they wrapped up epidode story. Sekarang dia berusia 31 tahun tetapi dia tetap memiliki penampilan dan kepribadian yang sama seperti saat dia masih berusia 19 tahun. For his sake, he must fight on. To be honest, I didn’t quite like his role in My Girl either Yoon-kang glares at him, looking thoroughly irate—and then suddenly bursts into laughter.

I definitely like the more jaded SooIn better. She is more my type of girl and I’m loving her character so far.

Bride of Water God. I liked when YK winked at Jung Hoon.