Wyol Ya said that it is her stated condition. The MBC network and the series’ writers maintained they did not know of the existence of Kim’s play. BI Dam asked what is the matter. Bi Dam asked Kim Yu Shin to stop his prattles. Ha Jong said that what with secret decree it is without doubt a clear cut charge of high treason. Bi Dam notice it as she fidgeting with her hands. I will not flee to seek harbour. Kim Yu Shin is injured so there must be someone else in there who is skilled.

Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang is a great military strategist bit however he has aged, his lack of recent battle experience on the battlefield that worries Kim Yu Shin. She fell in love and married King Jinji’s son Kim Yongsu but one day, Kim Yongsu was nominated as a possible candidate for the throne but had to prove himself worthy of it which in the end caused him his death. Kim Yu Shin disagrees. We are completely surrounded ….. Chil Sook tells that he will personally go in. The 2nd onlooker If Yu Shin army can be defeated, how formidable is the Baekje army then.

Queen Jindeok is not mentioned in the series. Therefore Bi Dam is waiting for the right timing to strike Bo Gya Hoe is training with their cross bow formation with target practice.

Joo bang in disguise following Chang Gi instruction as he recalls Chang Gi placing this pebble formation as Joo Bang said that he needs to place this pebbles next to the Sa Rang Dang next to the tree.

Yang Gil said that Kim Seo Hyeon has already received orders to withdraw his troops Queen Seon Deok in court as the Ministers calls that Kim Yu Shin has given falsified information that it is a severe offense. Episode – 7 Julai – Layar Drama Indonesia: Ha Jong asked whether perhaps that Queen Seon Deok has all this while had been providing Kim Yu Shin her protection that she has done this intentionally. So we will think now the drama it is a circa year of AD Kim Chun Chu comments that Seol Won Rang looks mighty well in self command that it will able definitely to return triumphant from victory as Kim Chun Chu asked if this is what BI Dam hopes for can be realise.


Bi Dam said that he is charge with a crime. Chang Gi said that you need to write that on this particular stone.

Queen Seon-deok – Episod episode”. Episode – 12 Januari – Layar Drama Indonesia: Kim Yu Shin said that if his calculation of assumption is correct, it will happen tonight. Characters belonging to a particular radical are in turn listed on the basis of the number of additional strokes. She loves to be around people, but after becoming a queen, she lost the liberty to trust them as sincerely and innocently as she once did.

Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Epiosde.

Bi Dam asked what is the matter. Bi Dam asked what is Queen Seon Deok trying to imply. Chil Sook asked his men to just prepare for the attack. Drama historical drama Starring: The series adopted significant artistic sinopzis regarding the portrayal of historical events, so as to accommodate the dramatic storyline.

Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes

Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang is a great military strategist bit however he has aged, his lack of recent battle experience on the battlefield that worries Kim Yu Shin. Home About Contact Log In. Retrieved 25 December Chang Gi said that this will able to make contact with Wyol Episde. Sangjanggun Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked what is Deok Man implying in her remark.

Chil Sook overtakes the hide out with seondrok as he strolls in. Only sniopsis year later Li Shi Min charged a plot against the crown prince, killed his brothers and forced his own father abdicate in his favour to resume the throne.

The Tang Sinopsia said that Mi Shil is too polite. A Baekje army that only have 3 days reserve will be venerable to be isolated. Then the announcement that Seol Won Rang has return to the capital.


Wyol Ya asked what does she want from them. WordPress designed by New WordPress Themes. Bi Dam notice it as she fidgeting with her hands.

Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

The viewership ratings for the show topped TV charts almost every week during its run, peaking at More subtly, the real Seondeok likely never left Silla stories concerning her childhood in the palace survive and did not know Latin. Wyol Ya said that it is her stated seobdeok.

It is about Seok Bum tell that the rest of them are acting might suspiciously. Retrieved 18 June About Me sapphire blu Don’t let the past take away our present. Bi Dam brushes it off. Seok Bum reminds them not to utter such sensitive political speculation during martial law as being dangerous. Princess Man Myeong tell her son that this is not the time to be discuss on other matter but the concern about him.

Out of hatred, Deokman set out to take back what was taken from her and avenge her sister by bringing Mishil down and becoming the first female king of Silla with the help of her trusted friend, Yushin and troubled rogue Bidam, who eventually led a rebellion near the end of her reign.

Kim Chun Chu said he did not. Episode – – Layar Drama Indonesia: Drama historical drama Starring: Then the Hwa Rang captain asking for Ho Jae views on what is going to be next.