Years later when she returns to the palace, Princess Deokman joins forces with her twin sister to fight Lady Mishil Go Hyun Jung , a royal concubine who has risen to become the second highest-ranking official and wants to seize total power from the King. Why are you doing this? JuJni says now that things have come to this, there is nothing lord BiDam can do. He says the queen is very wise and she already realizes that ChunChu was accidentally shot while they were trying to silence YuChuk. Let no one know. It is you who just could not hear. The doctor says it is because her majesty cannot sleep at night.

Why are you crying? Im Jong orders the gate to be opens once he vanquish the enemy. The indignant envoys demand to know why they are treated in this manner. Lee Yo Won Main Cast. BoJong will notify the younger nobles. Seon Yeol asked whether BI Dam is really on the same bandwagon as them. Therefore she must eliminate BiDam and his entire faction.

On the other hand, YuShin exerts his utmost to suppress BiDam’s rebellion. Sepndeok protests that he has never publicly announced that he wanted to be king. The nobles are not invovled. 660 Seon Deok asked about the progress of the bean cultivation.

Phil Dan said that this is definitely a betrayal from Bi Dam. Thank you and credits to skara: My sister has already said it, Lord Seol Won said it, and I too had said it. Diposting oleh Asep Hendra Hidayat di It is you who just could not hear.

Episode 61

Queen Seon Deok stood up tells that her limitation of her patience for Bi Dam faction ends here. Is that her majesty yonder? Mi Saeng comes in calling for Bi Dam that he needs to leave via the North gate quick only to see what a mess he has done to Yeom Jong. I have not even a trace of suspicion. BoJong reminds BiDam that the envoys are under arrest on her majesty’s orders.


They wonder whether he would confess all to the queen.

BoJong reminds BiDam that the envoys are under arrest on her majesty’s orders. DeokMan asks the minister of arms whether they should request reinforcements from Tang. ChunChu’s words Do you really think her majesty loves you back?

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

BiDam BiDam says they are trying to force him into a corner so that he would rebel. Episode – – Layar Drama Indonesia: I acknowledge that your majesty. Guk San Heun said this is fine that they will storm in to arrest the perpetrators. Al Cheon asked whether Queen Seon Deok is xinopsis seeing that she is fighting for her breath.

Kim Chun Chu enquire if Bi dam was presence at court. He then hands over the fan saying it was meant for the prime minister. For them in greta eyes, Kim Chun Chu will seen as nothing but a political adversary. Bi Dam said to himself sdondeok victory is his for the taking there is no competition to begin with as he tell himself he just wants a words with Queen Seon Deok. Kill the enemy of the State! GoDo is ordered to travel upstream to the launching place and arrest those who launched the boat.

Then how is it that you do not have even the slightest compassion for him?

Kim Chun Chu confirms that he is indeed that seondeom. Queen Seon Deok said that she will able to make it to her chambers. If you are going to overthrow the government, you need to have a moral justification.


BiDam BiDam says they are trying to force him into a corner so that he would rebel.

She says it was from the envoys to the prime minister. He says it is BiDam who lost trust because of this secret promise. The promissory contract written on paper that get sinopeis by flames will sinopss be feasible to be take to account. Silla prime minister BiDam” DeokMan: Munno felt that his great task was to prepare for the unification.

AlCheon’s man runs in and informs them the prime minister is trying to see the envoys. Kim Chun Chu asked the colleague whether among the dead is Yu Cheok. A large kite about to take flight with a straw effigy attached Many stories exist about Kim Yu-shin. While you are I away, I will settle this.

Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

When YuShin and AlCheon protest at the contravention of her majesty’s orders, ChunChu says he is merely trying to help her decide. This BiDam will not be held back by a piece of paper that can be burned grest.

Forest BiDam is tracking YeomJong. With such thoughts you rescued me and gave me life. What shall we do about your faction?