On the other side, Zuo also exit from the back entrance. The men sit down in the living room while second sister goes to bring Yong Yong out. Yong Yong refuses to consider that, as the baby is innocent, and she will do anything for the baby. Yun Jie wakes up alone in bed, and he smiles as he pulls the drapes open to let in the light. Chun Er overhears his remark about the horse seat and thinks that it is a present for her. And if it were the case that Korean dramas always relied on the female characters turning suddenly stupid, I wouldn’t watch.

Thinking that she can get more information out of him regarding her past, Xing Er pretends to know Feng Yun Ling. How can he betray his mother? I think, the fact that people could actually question even hate Maru and Eun Gi’s decisions are a sign of written characters YWY our precious misunderstood bby bless him Like Liked by 1 person. Also, less flashbacks would have helped.. When Maru narrated why he did not avoid Eun Ki’s car.

And passively waiting for his brain-surgery wasn’t going to be enough. In that instance it’s execution that counts, not originality.

My name is Han Jae-hee. The current schedule is 2 eps every monday to thursday.

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The ring confirmed that he remembers her. He explains how he was so scared of her threat that he wanted inhocent run away with Eun-ki, but she rejected his offer because of all that needs to be done. All the big things are there — confessions, declarations, sacrifices — but all the little, subtle beats that show real affection and connection are missing or ring hollow.

And the blood proved me right.

Park si yeon definitely improved from her ‘my girl’ days even with the bad script of this show,but sorry I disagree with you song joong ki and moon chae won are clearly the better actors. Uncut is slower by one. Please no Truck of Doom. Now you ask why did she suddenly let Maru go for 7 years when she was “obsessed” with him.


He tells her to take good care of herself and the baby. It’s a peak into the minds of flawed people with their own convictions, just like you and I. Notify me of new posts via email. What was it that I saw that day?

Juntao then throws her sword at them saying that if she wants to prove her innocence with her death, then go ahead LOL! I didn’t expect that ending, but I was so happy it happened.

The only other climax that might have worked would be for Min-Young to go after Maru and then Jae-Hee have take the knife for Maru. The story is not the most compelling thing ever written out there Second sister wants to hear her swear that she will never fall in love with Yun Jie.

Before she left, Xing Er whispers that she will be back! I loved the Choco and Jae Gil side-story And if he really didn’t have amnesia, what happened after his operation, before he went to America? Chun Er confesses her feeling for him but before she can finish, he rejects her and tells her that he only thinks of her as a little sister.

Hopefully in SJK’s next project he will get pants that actually fit and starts to wear socks.

As long as his condition is maintained, he might be able to live for years. And if it were the case that Korean dramas always relied on the female characters turning suddenly stupid, I wouldn’t watch. She asks him to be safe when he travels.

MaryKenya July 22, at Turning day-to-day running of TaeSan group over the Joon-ha over board protest or something? Her mom tells her to remember her role as the Wei princess.

Mzn misunderstands and believes ZZ is the killer of her family. Sorry for not commenting earlier, but I was saving this post for sinoopsis I had enough time. Wan Lan downs her wine, and and tells him that she still loves him. Does she know what happened?!

Thanks to all of “Nice guy’s team” for producing such a great drama including good actings from Song Joong-Ki and Moon Chae-won. They are not the same people they were 8 years ago, and their story is over now. Silverteem November 17, at 4: Of course the lack of time is a huge factor but i still think they could have done better. Maru could have died. Since Min-young stabbed mid-stride and Eun-ki was so focused on Maru, I’m not surprised she didn’t see MY though super surprised that she could be chatting with Maru and not notice he was clutching his side.


All the other wrap-ups I loved.


Following this beating, Do Young actually confessed the truth to Ji Young, of course emphasizing peisode she had gone back to look for her when it was too late but leaving out the part about her relief at this. Wow this movie awesome!!! I also like it mam tried to prolong their suffering and prolonged our feelings regarding their suffering.

She informs him that he will now be the owner of the court. For me, she did not carry the drama. I was so busy enjoying the scene that I hadn’t put that together.

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I wonder how she would have acted if the president kept lying about it, jnnocent tried to cover up his sins. I disagree because for me Innofent carried the drama with her inner conflicts. Then we see LMD back to his rational state as he reminisces the past memories of his mother.

Instead of feeling loss and frustration, Yun Jie the older brother who loves his younger brother, is supportive and mindful of how to help with the transition. Yun Jie says that she needs him, since she comes running when he calls.

Min-young calls Jae-hee from his car, his tone rushed and nervous. Notify me of new comments via email.