Imagine the opposite, who has a crystal ball to know who the bad guy is? If this were an American drama, penned by an American writer, how would it differ from a Korean’s pov? If there is a quieter, more reserved character, a less experienced or, bluntly put, a less than stellar actor has a big chance to make the character boring. That is the typical best seller way! Is there something in New York that is needed for the story? He recommends his colleague instead and steps aside to reveal a perfectly hidden Gwan-soo right behind him. Your email address will not be published. In Korean, a familiar voice suggests that they follow the demands.

I wish somebody would explain to me, in simple words, a little bit about the story of that time in joseon Peony July 17, at 8: I think it because America was an unknown The old man, who we know as Hwang Eun-san the man who sent young Yoo-jin to the United States with the American , insists that buyers are willing to buy such marred pieces and nobody will know as long as the apprentice keeps his mouth shut. Walaupun rating pada drama ini lebih kecil dib Tim July 17, at 8:

At first I thought there were too many characters but I know I have so many favorite characters. Why give birth to kids if you know they’re going to suffer? My thoughts about episode 3: And don’t let me start on the story itself.

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However, it would have effected American military in Joseon. Thinking them unclean because they were associated with animals as wishfultoki said, that I can get at Least to some extent than this!

I thought it would make more sense to sail across the Pacific to California, and from there take a train to New York like in Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”. It was a time of flux, as we’re seeing in the show, when Korea was being pulled between Japan, China and Russia not including the US like in the dramaand the Korean ruler was extremely weak.


Sinopsis Yes Captain episode 13 Bagian 2 akhirnya bisa diposting juga setelah mengalami penundaan, karena saya lagi penasaran sama terus Baek Seung Jo’s Diary Final.

SunshineYoo Yeon-seok.

I still am not convinced they will. And contrary to some here who have said they don’t like LBH in this character or in general as an actor, or his pairing with KTR, or his character because it seems boring, I am ok with him.

Her maid comments on how the train and other Western-influenced businesses have been taking over Joseon, and mention of candies entices Ae-shin, so they decide to make a pitstop. I wish this show was about the revolutionaries and their struggles and triumphs instead of a supposed love story.

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Koreans who abuse slaves and butchers, Japanese, Americans, nobles, the gang who ruthlessly kills The old man, who we know sihopsis Hwang Eun-san the man who sent young Yoo-jin to the United States with the Americaninsists that buyers are willing to buy such marred pieces and nobody will know as long as the apprentice keeps his mouth shut.

The original comment was re: As always, thank you so much for your flattering words, my dear friend. Good to see you here, too! I really like episodf acting. I think KES doesn’t want us to know right now, it’s her master plan to keep us watching. I’m asking myself is it the fact they wanted this drama to be popular in the U.

Sunshine has just really made me feel like going in-depth about each episode thus far! Gwan-soo would rather lead from behind and lets Eugene be the first line of defense on this venture, to which he trails along reluctantly. Mba fanny klo boleh tau running man yg cast the heirs tuh episode brp ya Thanks for the link! I think what’s interesting in Mr Sunshine is that all the characters’ motivations are inherently historical and political. It could have been any other American city. Or perhaps its beauty is in the understated conflicts that’s just there simmering on the surface—knowing they exist but not openly discussed.


Sing with me now Sha la la la la la My oh my Look at these stitches so fine On my kimono. This is why ths Joseon people know Ae-shin and try to protect the pretty and innocent noblewoman. Sinopsis Yes Captain Episode 20 Akhir alhamdulilah, akhirnya kelar juga ne sinopsis drama Yes Captain, tapi mohon dimaklumi, saya belum Young Dong Mae is right. I don’t know much about this period so it’s interesting to read your comments.

Tim July 16, at 9: And Joseon was a Confucian society unlike Goryeo, and it’s sinopsiis they kept discriminating simply due to the tradition rather than letting the new Baekjeong generation who doesn’t have to suffer due to their origin improve their lifestyle.

Dong Mae’s backstory is depressing af and I’m so into the conflict of class divides. It was way too dramatic. They show us as misinformed and barbaric. The passengers greet Ae-shin warmly as she heads to her seat in the embaces of the train. The 2nd ost is an english song and sang by a lady singer.