Jo and Runa, sad that they killed both but I guess it was the plan from the start but I liked both characters a lot so sniff. And there better be another season because while I like perhaps even love open endings this is not an ending they better come back and finish the story. But the big plus for me was, which kept my interest until now, was the show’s main point which at least for me, did what it should do: Even though there has been a variety of different viewpoints on this series, I’m glad there are still people sticking around to watch it and hope for a Season 3. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Could Vampy have a little romance? Maybe we’ll get lucky?

I really hope the cliff hanger means a season three. Thanks for your recap and final thoughts, GF and JB. This finale managed to do a tricky thing: Vampire Prosecutor Ep7 Preview. With thirty seconds on the clock, Tae-yeon limps over to Jung-in, and picks her up. We can also have the conflict of the 2 personalities clash for the female prosecutor. I’m going back and rewatching the episodes considering they were just so good.

It makes for a satisfying ending, I was literally prossecutor “Oh so that’s how everything is supposed to play out” for the past two eps but before that I was so confused. And given a chance, it might completely win me over. Not to mention that they all somehow understand Japanese without a translator.? The vamp is going around killing people, who saw her in her last moments?

I think its always hard to achieve the same perfection as it was season 1 for all of us. I really enjoyed this episode. Hoping season 2 could be even better! Despite not being near perfect, I still think the cast and crew did a great job in the current season.


He probably just killed Park Hoon with the silver knife then tried to drink blood off of the dying Park Hoon. The characters had to grow a bit but I thought it was such a big turn.

With that, he heads off to take care of his unfinished business. Turns out Tae-yeon is in the mall after all, watching prozecutor this unfold. Vampire Prosecutor Promotional poster. When Jang ended up in the emergency room as a result of the series of car accidents, Jang was barely alive. Despite being intense this wasn’t the greatest of endings to a less interesting second series.

A mysterious case then occurs and the evidence points to a Vampire as the perpetrator. I can’t wait for season three! Ivy December 20, at 3: Maybe we’ll find out if there’s a second season. Episodes by LollyPip.

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Maybe to much for his own good tho. To go back to the main menu. Jung-In and hoping to solve the puzzle soon that was purposely left unsolved for a sijopsis 3? Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. How heartbreaking was that reunion? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Be the first to watch!

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Though that’s just my thinking. This ending was amazing. Soon-bum then makes the most obvious exit from Manhunt Central ever, trying to play off his rendezvous as work-related research. I mean they’re supposed to have super strength and speed.

They can’t end it like this and not give us one!!!


What was the meaning about Jang’s random comment about a blunt knife in episode 10? Freezes to see Tae-yeon in his home, glaring. He’s gray but not completely dark. It was the sister?

If he hadn’t, he could have had a longer reunion with his sister. Since she’s kept in check by Jang himself, he could have just killed off that first victim, hence stopping the potential ‘chain’ of new vampires being on the loose. However I do intend to tune in for season three because I still remain invested in the characters and group dynamic. Lorem ipsum dolor sit prosecuto, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut avmpire dolore magna.

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Sinopsis Vampire Prosecutor episode 9. If that scalpel wound Tae Yeon received several episodes ago flashed him into vamp mode, what would a mortal wound do? Don’t long-teeth have a love life too? She has this “silent” charisma and most of her dramas did good on ratings. Detective Hwang meets with Tae Yeon as per appointment, and Tae Yeon is using trick to get rid of the tracking. As for Tae Yeon’s savior or the one who captures him, considering how wide eyes Tae Yeon was looking at ther person, it’s probably someone he knows.