Chun looks up and sees them. She tells him it was Jang Dae Pyo. Jin Ju arrives and looks at the whole fight worriedly. And then he stabs Hong1 in the back. Historical Action Romance Coming of age. Un arrives, bows and is greeted politely by Chun.

But also no more out of me for lest I spoileth. This site uses cookies. He says that instead, you should pay it back twofold. Then he ponders what he should do about Chun. Become a true warrior! It was such as nice read. As Jin Ju sits at his side, Gwang Taek apologizes to her.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. With that, the Book of War no longer exists in this world. Everyone freezes but Sword Saint has his eyes only on Bat.

Start romancing each other long before you get home if possible.

Maria, I have live streamed those episodes raw but don’t want to spoil it for everyone who has hasn’t caught up yet. Episode 19 p Hardsubs Indo: JS is exactly like.

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Warrior Baek Dong Soo 1-29 (Final)

Chun looks up and sees them. I love that they let him try to kill DS in a simple, breath-taking scene. He braves up after remembering that Gwang Taek asked if he had seen him and after apologizing, he uncovers the wounds.


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They haul him back to Lord Hong and they start a plot to finish off Chun. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Korean Fanatics: (Download) Warrior Baek Dong Soo

They are the true OTP. Carrying the same heart, Ji makes a few dishes for Sword Saint as well. He starts to enjoy watching a father play with his daughter, but then the father becomes frightened of getting too close to Chun and leads her off. Which is really bad, because we all know that DS is a legendary hero. This site uses cookies. Kyaa… How did I guess your fave Hong scene would be that one, momosan?

Episode 7 p Hardsubs Indo: He asks him if Dong Soo saw him?

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Set against the backdrop of political maneuverings in Joseon between different factions, namely those led by King Jeongjo, by the Qing ambassador, by the Japanese swordsman Kenzo, and the assassin’s guild Heuksa Chorong, the series is a coming-of-age drama about brotherhood, friendship, loyalty and honor. They have a great scene of busting doors down and sliding around, and Dong Soo starts to gain the advantage.

But after the last ep I feel that though he is a genius swordsman, he seems sinppsis have got the credit for something that Un was bak responsible for. Un asks him why he never gave him any lessons, as he just did for Dong Soo. They spar, and in a voice over Chun asks Gwang Taek if this is what he left for him to do — to test Dong Soo. She notes that fur hats are popular in the Qing Nation but rare in Joseon.


She stabs the wound further: I actually watched 29 live, as I happened to be at the computer that early. Hong1 and the troops take the opportunity to run off.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Episode 28 p Hardsubs Indo: The Qing Emissary calls for more guards but Dong Soo comes up with a painful decision for Ji Sun to obliterate her destiny.

[Recap] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 15 | A Virtual Voyage

Feel free to but just remember to upload them to your own image host and link back here. As Gwang Taek collapses, Chun is paralyzed in shock, as in Un. Lord Doong notes to the queen that Dong Soo has already made a name for himself, and will likely be trouble in the future. They all go there, hoping to buy a sample. Sitting beside them, the Queen rolls her eyes.

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