The fact that this drama appealed to all kinds of audience was perfection in everything and also that this story was more about a male character and his perspective on what difficulties young men like Mustaqeem face. You are right Ghada, it appealed to all kind of audience and touched base on most demographics especially males who could relate to frustrations faced by Mustaqeem. I will once again want to thank the whole Sirat-e-Mustaqeem team for bringing this outstanding serial to us. The end was kind of incomplete. I guess this is good-bye. I will include both my criticism and thoughts on the last episode together. He was a self made man and what I loved about him the most was even after getting all the money, he still maintained that self respect and used that money to open up a school for the poor kids.

His innocence in the initial episodes, the sweet relationship he shared with his mother and sisters, the way he’s terrified of his father, sami enacted in such a way that I was mesmerized in each and every scene and Sami nailed it to a T. Kiran Haq , Sami Khan. Sami Khan play Mustaqeem to perfection! Thanks for being my humsafar on it Ghada. And yes, I totally agree. Thankyou Sarwat ji ajj app ko maan gayee hum loog. Subscribe to receive new post.

Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. I wonder if he was fine after Mustaqeem left. He abandoned her when she needed him the most, knowing she had no where to go, with her reputation down the drain and he was the one responsible for it all. Hey he could give Ashar some lessons, agar yeh Ashar ki jaga hota to Farida aunty apnay paar na hila saktin: She portrayed the kind of wives that exist in our society. Start your free trial.

His portrayal has a Strict typical anna parast father who was peeled slowly to us in each episode, brilliantly written, directed and more so acted and portrayed by Firdous Jamal and honestly next to Mustaqeem he is also one of my favourite characters in the serial. First of all I think the end was great, it ended on the right note. Ghada, I wanted to first of all thank you for inviting me to write the final review with you and most of all for introducing many of us to this drama.



Thanks for being my humsafar on it Ghada. She always wanted a man who was not a coward and his journey turned mustaqeem and into a man who had the courage and ability to stand up for her.

Other characters should not be forgotten either. There was an attachment with all the characters. Who was your favorite character Maria? Mustaqeem had finally found his path in the world The last episode however never satisfied me.

Yes, I too feel drsma because this drama was seriously worth so much more! Sirat-e-Mustaqeem — The Final Episode: I have always wanted this drama to get more attention because it certainly deserves it: Everyone acted brilliant and yes I nearly had tears in my eyes when Mustaqeem gives his father a small hug with so much meaning before running off to meet Mejabheen.

May God give us all path to Sirat-e-Mustaqeem. This was how thoughtful and generous mustaqeem was!

I honestly think it should reappear on Hum TV and watch the rating shoot up like no tomorrow. It’s certainly not coincidence that he was named mustaqeem meaning “straight” or “that which pleases Allah” and he certainly lived up to his name! I loved everything about mustaqeem, almost, but the only thing I would change about him is that I wished he had called his friend at least once to ask how mehjabeen was doing after leaving her stranded at the train station at the mercy of her evil brothers.

I can never stop writing good things about this project. Other characters were outstanding too!

You are so right, Maria! This is one of my favorite dramas of Sami Khan.

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Ghada Qaiser View all posts by Ghada Qaiser. The writer, the director, and the actors were a major reason we liked SeM so much. For once we have a story about a young man, looking to make his place in the world and trying his best to roll through the jungle that we call life and becoming faithful. Kiran HaqSami Khan. The last episode however never satisfied me.


From the “tapori” to a lover to a friend in kustaqeem to an obedient son, all shades were depicted wonderfully. I wanted to see a moment of the connection that was made between Mustaqeem and Allah. I think Mustaqeem as a protagonist could not have been anywhere without Haji Drrama. The way he “saved” her from her obnoxious husband, cared for her during her last days resulting in her not only loving mustaqeem but respecting him too.

I think that could have helped a lot. I especially mustaqeem Sami Khan and Firdous Jamal. Seriously, I would draam tolerate the kind of behavior Shanzey and her father had with Rufi.

Mustaqeem running to the same music that kick started off the story, down at the train station and looking at Mehjabeen, it mustaqeme the end to the beginning really nicely. The end was kind of incomplete. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Hahahah I never could get enough of iblees ki bewa and their hilarious conversations.

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I will once again want to thank the whole Sirat-e-Mustaqeem team for mustaqem this outstanding serial to us. I seriously loved mustaqeej overall, it was one amazing drama serial. Thankyou Sarwat ji ajj app ko maan gayee hum loog.

Deep inside Haji Sahab only wants best for his children but only on his own terms. Edit Cast Credited cast: Mine was definitely Mustaqeem.

His simplicity, truthfulness, and compassion towards whoever he met was rewarded in a way that he never would have imagined.