A worried Sita worships Goddess Gauri. A humble Ram helps an elderly woman plough a field. Shaya 30th Jan – 8: Jeevi Ravichandran 27th Jan – 9: He is stunned when Vishwamitra prefers the two Raghu princes over an entire army! Sita says till then everything will be cooked, if you tell me before he comes, I will make it.

Sita is in love with Ram and daydreams about him. Kaikasi asks Ravan to attack Indradev. Ram tells Sita about his forefather, Raja Harishchandra. Ram takes the first bite and smiles. Janak apologises to Sita for not revealing about her adoption. She asks Urmila to taste food. Ravan reaches Mithila for Sita’s swayamvar. On Dasharath’s request, Janak agrees to get his daughters married to Lakshman, Bharath and Shatrughan.

Mandodari blames Kaikesi for Ravan’s atrocities. Manthara is determined to stop Ram from becoming the king. Bharat tells Kaushalya that he does not want to go.

Sita and Ram finally see each other! Sumitra asks Lakshman to protect Ram and Sita. They head for the Ganga river.

Sumantra informs Kaushalya that Ram left while he was sleeping. Ram leaves Ayodhya on his exile. Kaikeyi tells Manthara to go home for speaking against Ram.

Ram and Sita stop at a banyan tree to pray. The newly-weds take a stroll in the forest. Manthara tries to provoke Kaikeyi against Ram and Kaushalya; tells her that Ram will not make her the Rajmata of Ayodhya. Ram januady a magical cocoon to protect Bharat, Sumantra and the brides from the asuras.


He says no, but he episde her. Ravan forces himself on Rambha, who is about to marry Kuber’s son, Nal Kuber. Sita consoles Shatanand as he grieves over his mother, Ahalya’s curse. Dashrath greets Guru Vashisht with his wives. Janak announces Sita’s swayamvar. Yudhjit is shocked to learn that Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan are getting married along with Ram.

Ravan Attacks Yamraj

Ram refuses to take Lord Vishnu’s Bow, Sarang. He says to welcome the people who came from Mithila. Ram and Sita embark on their journey to Ayodhya. Janak apologises to Sita for not revealing about her adoption. Janak receives a shocking message from Dasharath.

The Asuras launch an attack on Ram and his brothers, who then protect their brides. Sita and Ram get upset on seeing a fawn separated from its family. She asks Urmila to taste food. Ram and Lakshman receive an emotional farewell before they leave Sage Vishwamitra’s ashram. Janak asks Shatanand to invite Sunaina’s brothers for the wedding.

Kaikeyi agrees for Ram and Sita’s wedding. Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra are informed about the departure of Dasharath, Ram, his brothers and their brides from Mithila.

Ravan Decides to Punish Janak. Sita asks Urmila to find out Ram’s food choices.

Manthra gives her an idea for this. Later, Sita, Mandvi, Shrutakirti and Urmila enter the palace together. Sita learns from Gargi about Mithila’s past and her adoption.


Later, he decides to go late to the swayamvar. Lord Shiva, Parvati and Brahma arrive in disguise to attend the wedding.

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Luv d way when ram fam at Sita romantically…. Virad tells Mahashambar that they have to wait for the perfect time to kill Ram. Sumantra alerts everyone that the forest ahead is inhabited by the Asuras.

Manan A dream love story‚Ķ. An emotional Sita reaches home and embraces Sunaina. Urmila goes to find Ram and asks Rishis about him. Sita and her sisters are happy as Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga visit Mithila. I think they are remixing. He partially lifts the Shiva Dhanush before dropping it. Urmila says he said he will have food by your wish, he is very mature and good minded. Mandodari thinks of ways to avert Ravan’s death.

He convinces them to not support the januwry of the Ashwamedh horse. Laxman requests Vishwamitra to take him to the ashram too. Bharat and Shatrughan meet Epusode and Lakshman.