Wouldn’t it be best to press a button and have a shark eat the evidence? He must have, otherwise he would have dumped that pretentious boy-lookin band-wreckin Asian bitch and swiped the lovely Miss Bach right out from under Ringo’s giant fucking nose. The book is not better than the movie! She is all by her lonesome on her last night there when who shows up but two ludicrous characters ridiculously named Sluggsy and Horror. You’re in the 60’s, you have a bean bag chair and you hate your hippie older brother and hope he gets drafted and killed in ‘Nam. And so the tension between the idea of Bond as a blunt instrument and as a romantic figure remains unresolved. No wonder so many people around you die you incompetent assclown.

Lucky for you the fine folks who made The Spy Who Loved Me for the big screen were forbidden from using the novel because that prissy idiot Ian Fleming was so embarrassed by it he forbid them. During the fight he basically tells Viv good-bye with such finality that I don’t think he expected to survive, and to have Viv report the death of Bond certainly could have made Holmes’ own demise, also reported by another party, an inspiration. It was the third to star Roger Moore as Bond and used no plot elements from the novel. Wouldn’t it be best to press a button and have a shark eat the evidence? You sure you don’t want to get out of there? The error glares in light of because of Fleming’s prior success in establishing a female voice.

Writing as a woman in first person allowed Fleming to grapple with the problem of no longer knowing what to make of the monster anv created.

Retrieved 19 October And yes, it is real shame that details were cut from the later editions, along with the footnotes found in the older Hprror paperback editions. He’s kind of crazy I remember as a wee lad looking at the movie reverentially and thinking about how fantastic her tits looked Thanks for your comments.

I thought Bond was a jet-setter who stayed at 5 star places eating foods only fit sluggdy French fairies and spoiled ingenues? Married to the sea. So the second Dopey is alone with Bond she breathlessly tells him, “Those men aren’t the motel managers, they’ve been beating me and they’re going to kill me At the end of the anv season, the Phanceys entrust Viv with looking after the motel for the night before the owner, Mr.


But this is immediately undermined by her knowledge that Bond is the only man who treated her with true affection and understanding. Certainly he is more interesting than this dolt Fleming is forcing us to spend time getting to know and loathe.

The reader keenly feels Vivienne’s humiliation and Derek, an authorial self-portrait, is portrayed as a callow cad. Luckily for us, though, the break between novels was enough to charge Fleming’s creative juices again, allowing him to keep writing.

Fleming conveys American tough guy idioms about as well as he captures the inner thoughts of a young French-Canadian girl. The Man and His World. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading!

This daffy dame lets some sweet talking cad convince her that the best place for her to lose her virginity is on a movie theater floor!

After Bond has slept with her and left, a fatherly policeman warns Vivienne to see Bond for what he really is–a cold-hearted secret policeman who is not much different from the criminals he fights. So babycakes, the motel is on fire, we’ve escaped death, twice, and I’m awesome There’s an interesting article at http: Souggsy error glares in light of because of Fleming’s prior success in establishing a female voice.

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Esther Howard wrote in The Spectator”Surprisingly Ian Fleming’s new book is a romantic one and, except for some early sex in England rather well done, this only just as nasty as is needed to show how absolutely thrilling it is for Instead of doing that or escaping with the girl he bores her with a story of his latest mission in Canada, where it seems through his incompetence and poor planning Bond got two mounties killed. The James Bond Omnibus Vol.

According to her story, she appears to have been involved, both perilously and romantically, with the same James Bond whose secret service exploits I myself have written from time to time. Myself, I like the Daphne du Maurier touch and prefer it this way but I doubt his real fans will.


The only truly good man Vivienne meets is Bond, an eternally unattainable figure. Pretty slick Curd Jurgens!

The Spy Who Loved Me – James Bond 007

A lame gun battle ensues when Sluggsy and Horror return and finally someone gets into a car, though it’s not the chick and Bond who really should have done that hours before. Bach later showers on a submarine and gives the sailors jack off material for months. Now wait just a fucking minute! I have my doubts.

Fleming structured the novel in three sections—”Me”, “Them” and “Him” to describe the phases of the story. His incredible plan involved stuffing towels under his sheet to make it look like he was sleeping while he hid in the woods.

Due to the reactions by critics and fans, Fleming was not happy with the book and attempted snd suppress elements of it where ajd could: Interestingly, I tracked down a Dashiell Hammett novel twenty years ago called “Woman in the Dark” and it bears a very striking resemblance to the plot of Fleming’s novel.

I’ll have to track it down. It’s an idea at that as Sylvia Trench would say. That imagery went further towards ruining me for all women than Princess Leia’s golden bikini-thong. Fleming seemed to want to challenge suggsy from time to time in the course of this series, or had challenges in coming up with full-length novels on an annual basis.

This sets up an amazing horrir as the Lotus goes from slick sports car to deadly submersible! Ringo is my fucking hero. I always found it heartbreaking as a boy seeing her get shot in the back like that by Omar Sharif.