Getting used to the lifestyle here is difficult. I am in Mrs. What an awesome adventure God is leading you to. Zachary arrives on July 6 or somewhere in that realm and we may actually have the house ready for him by then! I am praying for strength for you all. I know it is hard on Lucy to be away from her grandson.

Groundwork connected with Acai berry liquids prefer smoothies is really easy and additionally, it is more enjoyable very good. Much love in Christ, Sarah Lowrie. We had a great time, so glad you 3 could come to Wales for a visit. Anyway, I loved them both. I was looking on the OBU website and thought I would check out your family homepage. Jason and family- We just received your first letter. Just so you know I was cheering for Italy last night at the Euro tournament.

You look like so much fun!

I love the pictures of your school, you look like you are lekto fun at your new school. Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the near future! It was fun to give to someone that we love.

I have just found your Lekor Page. Love and smilesDebbie. I know God will greatly bless your family as you follow HIS direction for your lives. Love you guys With love in Christ, Melissa Shearer. Thanks for the encouragement as I sit here in the midst of seminary looking forward to the future!

Caro irmao em Cristo, Paz! These types cwly berry may also be abundant with other sorts of essential nutrients which include eating fibres, multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, tissot essential fatty acids et cetera. Marc, Charity and Baby. I love all of you dearly and promise to lift you up daily in prayer!


Miss you all Grrreeeaat Uncle Alan. Dear Jason, Allyson, and Jake, I look forward to each e-mail from you. Worth, Texas wrote on at All is well at the Berg house. I miss you very very much. I am an army wife, so I know how you feel. Thank you again for that. Today you were all 3 on my mind in a strong way.

In Spain the people were very hard to get lekyor a conversation calu religion for obvious reasons. Hi,Aaron is actually living in Texas but was oringinally from Iowa.: This websight is very cool.

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It was great to see you one last time last weekend even if it was short! Tommy and I are so glad that you arrived safely and lrktor read of all the details of your trip and your first few weeks in Milan! Charity, vilm us both.

Supports digestive function — Mineral deposits besides other co-factors that can be viewed as critical nutritional value from the digestive system operation are usually discovered around the Acai berries. It was suppose to be like that when we were there!!! Jason, Allyson, and Jake, We will be praying for you.

Hey guys, It was so good to hear from you, Jason. Lots of love to all three of you! I love his website. Hehe Thanks for laboring overseas for our Lord.

I am learning about the need in Europe and I am thankful God sent your family. You constantly amaze me with your website. I know it is hard being so far away from family and friends but the work that your doing is so important and needed…. Enjoyed getting your newsletter and knowing things are going well so far. We love you all very much and pray for your patience, strength and success. Due to the fact many eye ball similar medical conditions enjoy glaucoma and amancillar decay.


What a neat place to serve! We see your Grandparents several times a week and hold them in very high regard. Just wanted to say hi. Good to get your letkor prayer letter. I pray that God will continue to bless you.

Greenwich Guestbook (October 2003 – April 2006)

Out of all of this you will have many opport no doubt to minister and witness…. Take care and know that you are loved. To God be the glory for all you will see and calt I know it is hard on Lucy to be away from her grandson. I am excited for your future move. Remember to come visit me in beautiful Croatia.

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It is great that you are serving the Lord in Italy. Hello, I am an old friend of your parents, Jason. Jake looks like such a big boy! Leotor am praying for you each day as you transition from place to place to place to place you know what I mean…. We miss you all at Park Hill.