Lionel finds the Lex clone in an abandoned building and realizes that he is the one who shot Martha, though his real intention was to kill Clark with kryptonite bullets. Smallville 2×11 Visage XviD-mE. Jonathan Kent John Glover Smallville 2×23 Exodus XviD-mE. To stop Slade for good, Clark banishes him to the Phantom Zone. SmallVille – S5x08 – Solitude Oliver tests the Vigilante Registration Act by outing himself at a press conference, praised by the general in charge.

Retrieved April 1, Smallville 2×22 Calling XviD-mE. Clark must be careful not to tip off Lionel that he’s not his son while trying to figure out how to get back to Earth where the monster Clark Luthor was transported in his place. She calls upon them to trust her, break the virtual spell by believing it fake and thus escape back into reality, with Rick Flag’s team. Tess convinces Lex to give up his quest for vengeance, while Clark is able to save Lionel and Martha from the fire. Assistant Principal Angelika Libera

On Subtitlee 4,The CW announced that Smallville would be back for its tenth and final season, which would consist of 22 episodes. Archived from the original on July 31, Smallville – – Skinwalker. Subsequently, Clark brings Lois onto the team and finally reveals the threat of Darkseid’s arrival to everyone.


Retrieved April 19, Later, Clark explains to Lois that his real 21–22 is “The Blur”, and that the persona of “Clark Kent” will be his true mask to the world. Lex Luthor Eric Johnson Chloe Sullivan Annette O’Toole Connections Featured in Smallville: Archived from the original on May 9, Superhero Shows to Binge This Fall.

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Home Drama Smallville Subtitles for Smallville. Retrieved September 23, With the season being the show’s last, plans began to bring back previous cast members for at least one appearance. Retrieved November 11, seaaon Season ten of Smallvillean American television seriespremiered on September 24, and consisted of 22 episodes.

Smallville 2×16 Fever XviD-mE.

Clark is far from impressed that Lois barely dares rebuke her kid sister’s mean pranks on both of them, while squirming for each, even offensive, whim of Pa, full general Sam Lane, as their Thanksgiving guest.

Tess and Oliver discover that the team is being tracked by Rick Flag epsiode, who is reforming the Suicide Squad and has sent out an assassination order for the General. Smallville Renewed for Season 10!

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Search for ” Tempest ” on Amazon. My favorite Smallville episodes. Lionel Luthor Robert Wisden Greg Beeman did this episode of course. Audible Download Audio Books.


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Flag launches a missile to kill the General, but it detonates next to Lois. Retrieved March 22, Michael Rosenbaum Back for Series Finale: TV by the Numbers. Clark also discovers that Tess has a Kryptonian box, and when he activates it, it sends him to a parallel universe where the Luthors are his adoptive family and not the Kents.

As feared, he’s tortured in a secret prison to turn on his superhero friends. Smallville Season 10 All Episodes.

By moving Apokolips away from Earth, Clark brings hope to humanity and breaks their connection to Darkseid. Clark accesses his power of flight and vanquishes Darkseid from Lionel’s deceased body. Retrieved September 27, Recognized and helped by the other Lois, he seeks to appease Pratt described her characters motivations: