I am sure Dravid will accelerate once Laxman comes in to bat and we might see Laxman adopting the anchor role then. Whereas, Broad has not even scored more than runs. Dahee from curd to yogurt. That does not enrich my life. Yaar tum yeh Hollywood ko Lollywood ley level par nahi ley aao, beech mai bohot saari industries hain. There was nothing ingenious that they did. A sequence of results which exceeds expectations. Of course, the approaches of the two teams at the start were obviously different since Pakistan knew the target in front of them, but Pakistan struggled as much as India did in the middle overs.

No one, in my opinion can break his records at least in this decade i. England lost the last series in India. Laxman also got out cheaply but, I think he will come back strongly in the second innings. So, I just wanted to bring this to your notice. My point is that SRT is not as prolific a Test player as Laxman or Sehwag and they should be criticised more because they have won or saved more matches for India. These are all ifs and buts. Nothing bowler Welegedera grabbed lots of wickets. There is a huge difference in the tone and how you express something as matter of fact.

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If chiirya does concentrate on his game, he will win us matches. If they play well and win I like to enjoy it. Even Frank Raj was better than Vohra.

But, the good thing is tomorrow during the day it will be zero degrees Celsius and night will be -9C, so not too bad. Lindsay Lohan had looks, acting talent and she can also sing.


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Physical age does not mean that a person should be entrusted with sona or should solely bear the burden of defeat. The called Saqi gave away more than runs, could that be a record? Having said that i only speak for myself, u know whats best.

I fully agree with the comments and observations of the interim coach, who himself was a great cricketer during his hay days. About PK politics I think everyone is waiting for the camel that came from Dubai, which side the camel is going to sit?

KHAN on December 25, – 6: So, it is not the case that every government develops as per the same rate. Nothing bowler Welegedera grabbed lots of wickets.

Munir your tres long analysis quoted from cricinfo or your added justifications means nothing to me, because I have seen the match live and I have seen in fact all the matches live and I know the Pakistani players better than the writer. At least they are treating Indian bowling with respect.

KHAN on December 28, – Tark-e-Talukhaat pay roya na mai na tu Ye kya ghazab kay raat bhar soya na mai na tu. Btw, I am back home now thanks for the link but, its raining, its pouring and the old man Ponting is snoring. If India can put up a strong batting performance then they can compete. KHAN on December 26, – She has done everything according to her own choice.

On the other hand this is probably the most high profile series Yadav, Mithun and Ashwin are playing and whether they can take the pressure remains to be seen. There are sonag Batman or Robin in real life so the police was investigating. Lil Wayne Official Music Video. If any team treats their players like that then they will not develop or retain good players. Srinath was good for a period of time. Because, most of them do not have interest in cricket or the patience to watch 5 days boring tests and commenting like us, we are all cricket freaks.


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What is the motive and the intention here? I actually interpreted your comment as how JAK interpreted it but I can now see you have clarified it. We humans normally tend to praise the view of others that we agree with, its just natural.

SRT batted brilliantly, and of course Sehwag set the tone and made the ball old. By Top Viral Network on Nov 5th, sinay I have taken liberty to paste the same link once again, just to refresh our memories, since the matter is old now.

Anyways, I have such a splitting headache at the moment as well as a sigh of relief to get back the hotmail account back.

But we also know he played in only two countries. I will reserve my judgement after England tour. Money is a common cause for sure.