Strike Back closed out its run with a fun, thrilling shoot ’em up that almost spelled the end for Stonebridge and Scott. It’s almost as if neither one was content with just being happy. That coupled with Illithyia Viva Bianca plotting to abort Glaber’s unborn child and marry another Praetor actually had me feeling sorry for the very man who enslaved Spartacus. Even Glaber’s search for Spartacus was challenged by a young rival with a thirst for power. The relationship that develops between Laeta and Spartacus never really takes off and feels awkward from the get-go considering they are at odds. No, that was all previous footage. War of the Damned is a satisfying conclusion that delivers everything you loved about Spartacus, with a few new twists.

It would have been easy to keep Mira as Spartacus’ love interest at the start of the season and leave her at that. But the weight of all who have fallen in the name of freedom “For Varro and Mira. Amongst all the blood and violence, there is a fantastic story being told here. Her introduction is frightening, especially for Ilythia, who assumed that everyone that knew her dirty little secret had been wiped from the Earth. We leave the treacherous confines of Batiatus’ Ludus behind with the knowledge that the evils we have seen throughout the season have been avenged. Any fan of Spartacus is accustomed to a good amount of blood, death and violence on a weekly basis but the finale to Vengeance delivers an onslaught of pivotal moments that will have a profound impact on the series going forward. How do we move forward from that?

Their friendship, which is still coupled with a healthy bit of animosity, was fun to watch develop over the course of Season 1.

He was brilliant throughout the season and perfected the timing and delivery that make Ashur a classic villain. Sure, overall I wished we’d gotten more of an inkling as to what Stonebridge’s next steps were aside from tailing Scott and his son to Vegas but the idea of these two being violently forced out of their solider lives was a compelling way to end things.


But as it turns out, she was still plagued by madness within the walls of House Batiatus, prying the baby from Ilithyia’s loins — who survives the ordeal — and then reviww herself and the child off the cliff. Should I be playing it crazy?

It was great to see Lucretia bookend the season with her madness. War of the Damned Spotlight: Still, the fight was brilliantly handled, highlighting a personal struggle that has been going on between Naevia, Crixus and Ashur since the events of Blood and Sand. The profane underdog who was such a delight to watch with his epic runs of profanity. It definitely plays that way. Liam McIntyre would replace Whitfield in the lead role of Spartacus for the first official sequel season, Vengeance, amidst global cries of Whitfield being irreplaceable.

Killing a pregnant woman is one of those lines. It’s beautifully framed, with the slaves standing in order beneath him while the sun blazes down upon them all. I’m surprised he was at all surprised they went for Glaber’s offer so quickly.

This no-holds-barred conclusion sees the death of fan favorite Oenomaus. It was funny seeing how easily Ashur’s goon squad was bought out from under him. Julius Caesar is an anomaly.

I think Craig Parker as Glaber is certainly a worthy opponent for Spartacus but having Lucretia still around makes this season all the more exciting. Then there is Tiberius. The very next episode had Glaber eliminating his chief competition, Seppius, in a brutal blood bath. Lawless puts in a particularly chilling performance as she portrays a woman gone mad after having her child stabbed in her womb.

It was beautiful symmetry. In fact, the Austrian man, Oscar, who let our heroes rest up in his rustic home, looked like he could be an older, future version of Stonebridge. It’s good seeing these two men, who have spewed so much hate towards each other over the course of the season, finally act as brothers. War of the Damned Spotlight -The Costumes. Review by Matt Fowler.


Spartacus Vengeance – Finale Discussion

Her short time as Lucretia’s pawn has made her all the more wicked. But you still feel bad for her and about what’s happening [to her].

The plan to scale down the cliff side of Vesuvius was risky to say the least. Rview once again, Lucretia’s another character I can’t imagine the show continuing without.

They think they’re the ones doing the right thing.

He continued to be every bit as good in Vengeance as he was in Blood and Sand. Where will Spartacus and the rebels head to next season? And part of that has to do with where the story’s going and part of it is wrapping seaaon the story that’s already been told.

Spartacus Creator: “We Do Finales Right” – IGN

No bombs to stop or poison gas to contain. In the end though, I understand that Crixus isn’t a hero, he’s an angry slave who is lashing out at those who have oppressed him and taken away the one vengeahce he loved.

The final confrontation between Spartacus and Glaber was brief but nonetheless chilling. Two Mercs were thrilling. And I’ll say this too: