No se dejan llevar por los embaucadores ritmos tediosos y lentorros como les pasa a algunas bandas del estilo, que rozan el funeral doom en muchos momentos. I mean, how often do the stars align to create the perfect listening environment for music of any kind? Verwacht hier dus geen death-gerichte doom metal of een ‘moderne’ stoner- of sludge-benadering, maar onvervalste, pure doom. Like everything is just so organized to a tempo track that it just begs to break out a bit. When the heaviness kicks in the listener knows, this song blares through from one end to another, a true heavy opener. However, after recruiting a new drummer, Max, the original members Luca vocals and keyboards, Theremin and artwork , Lorenzo bass and Chris guitars entered the studio once more, again assisted by Enrico Baraldi think:

Electric and acoustic guitars and the synth lines are put on the foreground, yet the whole rhythmic instrumental session remains important, permanently pushing and hammering. For my money, whilst the music is very well executed and deserving of praise, the vocalist must also get a mention for being both versatile and convincing throughout. At the same time it is enormously overpowering, and still every single player read: Distances by Shattered Sigh consists of all known ingredients: Vi andrebbe di spiegarcelo? Sin embargo, la historia de Suum es realmente breve. I also want to give a shout out to some of the acoustic guitar work during ‘The Wheels Of Fate’ – not only is the melody hypnotizing but is very traditional Russian sounding.

I experimented with lucid dreaming a while ago and began to write stories. Share another experience before you go. An acid and powerful mixture of lacniano riffing with something more colorful and ethereal, like the synths from the seventies.

Last Sacrifice met een bij vlagen verrassende inkleuring en Seeds of Decay misschien wel het meest donkere nummer van het album, en stiekem een persoonlijk favorietje zetten deze onheilspellende tocht moeiteloos voort. The vocals, then again, limited in presence, are not as deeply growling, maybe quite in contrast to what you might be trusted with, yet rather wretched and hoarse. Un muro di cemento contro cui scontrarsi e dove lasciare la nostra vita ormai privata di ogni significato. Ultimately, I thought the music was a little tame here though.


Ci sembra che la democrazia sia ormai svuotata del suo vero significato e non solo in Italia. Wat af en toe minder lekker klinkt, zijn de wat haperend klinkende drumbreaks. Silentium maniuM brings almost three quarters of an hour of funereal and atmospheric Doom-Death Metal with a timeless and universal approach.

Eventually, after a long and confusing journey, we arrive at ‘The Golden Dwarf’, a beautiful song that is clearly based on Black Sabbath’s ‘Black Sabbath’, but Satori Junk manages to give an even doomier and darker vibe to their rendition of this classic song. The images are great; their descriptions of the images are poor.

The album totally, deeply, convincingly overwhelms as from the first song, which is the title track. As you can understand, we do not play live very often.

It was lacking in drama in any capacity, basically. I saw the movie and I must say that I really liked the first part. Due dei brani, il primo e il terzo, sono versioni ri-registrate di quelli presenti nel precedente lavoro: Un’ultima nota sulla veste grafica: Juan, muchos conocen tus proyectos, sobre todo cuando tocaste con Mar de grises y Bauda. E nesse momento, o Doom Metal anda bastante evidente, especialmente quando se mistura ao Stoner Rock.

Thanks to the band for hooking me up with the promo. Band che promette decisamente bene.

It’s stereotypical Funeral Doom from Russia that most of you have heard time and time again with the odd soaring solo, whispered vocals, and atmospheric drifts. For example, I’m not a fan of drum machines, for example, and sometimes the mix makes the music sound rather fuzzy.

Do you already have a general idea?

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The rest of the song doesn’t tap into the power I heard on the first two songs and is what I want more of. Which brings me to the sound quality, which is, to my opinion, quite okay.

Images of Nosferatu come to mind. Honestly I think a lot of the dynamic range that this could have had is killed by those damn programmed drums. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids? Sounds like you all have a lot of musical outputs. And that heaviness is like a basic structure for the whole album, but I assure you: The compact disc is a jewel case edition with a sober yet informative four-page booklet no lyrics included.


Rassegna Incontrocampo – Seconda Edizione

Novutrefall Records May There is no particular reason behind this choice. Cosmic Prison is a layer of solid sludge, guitars and maeetoso in synch, the vocals tell the story of something horrifying and gruesome. Latest new is that an Indonesian label called Hellas Records will make also a tape version of the album. My view is that this CD only belongs in the library of an avid Funeral Doom collector because it’s hard to imagine that many people would find much merit on ‘Embraced By Eternal Night’.

epettacoli If not, there is nothing that I could possibly say to prepare you for the aural onslaught you are about to experience.

The Intro is a spoken word clip, that introduces the album, with some haunting warnings. Outlaws of the Sun Apr. There is always a link between our previous work and the new one. Tudo pode ser compreendido e assimilado sem grandes dificuldades. Almost immediately afterwards the rain finally came and cleaned up the remnants of winter. L’etichetta britannica ci ha cinemaa sicuramente bene, mettendo sotto contratto una band di un certo spessore che si traduce nelle note di questo melmoso ‘Consecrates’.

While the synths sprttacoli on lancianp first two songs, they work best with more of the guitar’s low end set against them. Ghastly, haunting vocals, forlorn and twisted. Disco assoluto, un monumento di buio e disagio da custodire gelosamente nella propria discografia. Zagarus sending the master around to understand who was interested in the press of the album.

It can take a band several albums to find their way and nail their craft, but Suum shows they can do it right off the bat!