Bodies in frigid water tend to stay low, like rocks, and pop up when they warm. I’m organizing paper work because I am so anal about it. The canyon where he thought the treasure was, we searched that at great length too. The picnic table quickly turned into a Fenn shrine. I stir fry them in butter for Mrs. He gave each of them a hug.

Maybe it was old age creeping in, maybe he was getting bolder. Only in Newfoundland is that already Monday! Speaking of toys, we’re having a toy drive for a local charity at irk. D That’s all I’ve got. My fingers hurt a bit but all in all a successful day. Life is just odd.

I’m still very tired but I don’t feel it until I get up and start walking around. He purchased a GPS device. Ophelia sheds fur constantly, and she is pure white so it’s very obvious where she’s been. It was March, and about two months had passed since she reported her ex-husband missing. My Stormy cat would ask to go outside.

He invited a friend to photograph the chest, filled with its booty, and then went off to hide it. It is kee-UTE if I do say so myself. The backpack was retrieved Santa Fe Police did not return several calls asking for commentand whatever was inside sparked a daylong search. Once finished cutting out cookies, eat leftover dough.


At his age, he imagined the rest of his work life would be a series of low-paying, dead-end jobs.

Pink and his “real” bacon are making dinner this evening Drea get thee to Maine, it is the only State in the lower 48 I have not been sqkarepants, therefore you must go and take lots of pics. I had car keys in hand and actually drove quite a distance before I discovered the dumbassery. Nothing in the traps this morning. Just finishin’ up some stuff from here just cause. I should have grabbed something to eat earlier but now I’ll wait until my shift is over.

He pulled away from the table and put his wrists up, in a helpless posture. He loves his kitties and would ful do anything to hurt them. I liked to watch Hercule Peroit with David Suchet. Of course, he lived.

Or, as swampy might say, I swiped Terry’s orange. I had to drive back there and look for it in the dark. I sometimes call him Punkety Punkety Pie. Lucky me – I’m up before 5 again!!!


I could fill several pages with nicks for the two dogs. Fpisodes wearing the hoodie now. Alexis the kat is Buttface.

Spongebob Squarepants Full Episodes✥✿Animated Movies Full Length English – video dailymotion

I wish mine were that simple. Morning all, Current kitteh nicknames are: We had burgers for supper and I have 5 more burger meals in the freezer – yay!! I need more caffiene and to feed rumbly tummy. Matter of fact I’ve never even sat through an entire episode because I find it tedious and boring. I’d left it at the sodding allotment, sitting happily in the open next to the shed, and I’d walked past twice without noticing it.

How One Colorado Man Disappeared While Hunting For Hidden Treasure

Which is fine – I don’t feel like cooking. Then two boxers bowled him over and it was time to go home.

This has been tested.