Theopoula and Sophia share the same passion for adventure and new experiences including learning to play the drums and wanting to take part in a bungee jumping contest. S02 E16 Episode Some have characterised some of the shows punchlines during dramatic and suspenseful parts as dark comedy. In The Nick Of Time — Konstantinidou who plays that role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Crazy Credits The series’ opening credits feature five Lego figures bearing resemblance to the five main characters, on a Monopoly-like board game, trying to solve a mystery and overcoming various obstacles. At the beginning, the series was mostly comedic in mood but in the latter episodes it became increasingly dramatic , adventurous and suspenseful. What is My Phone Number. S01 E19 Episode At the end of the first season, the five discover the scapegoat named Gerasimos Venetopoulos, the man that was put in jail for the murder of the young woman. A brash tomboy who lost her father Apostolos in the plane crash, Aggela came to Athens in search of a job and an independent life far from her native countryside.

Zoumboulia Abatzidou 49 episodes, Giorgos Kapoutzidis Our five heroes are in a tight spot. Coming from a village in Northern Greece, the widow Zoumboulia lost her husband, Charalambos, in the crash.

Sto Para Pente – Season 1

Was this review helpful to you? The secret of the floor upstairs is revealed. They went on to eliminate anyone who tried to uncover the truth. What they were unaware of at the beginning, however, was that they were actually dealing with some of the most powerful criminals in Greece. Konstantinou kai Elenis — Her weird name is a cause of many misunderstandings and makes other people call her simply “Lia” or “Zoumbie”.

Retrieved from ” https: As a result, he gets amnesia sfo doesn’t remember anything, not even his own name.

In the last episode of the series season 2, e;isode 23 it was revealed that another group of five people used to hang out in the past. Episodes 1 Souper Giagiades. S01 E05 Episode 5.


Thus, they leave all the joy of being in the spotlight to Fotis’ vain cousin Frida who, after revealing all the information about the murders and the economic scandals, becomes a celebrity overnight, rocketing “teleBOAS” ratings from 0.

A pehte tomboy who lost her father Apostolos in the plane crash, Aggela came to Athens in search of a job and an independent life far from her native countryside. The five prep Amalia for the essay questions at the Miss Hellas competition while trying to conceal her accent. While Fotis and Spiros return discouraged from the newspaper’s archives, the rest of our heroes are in a jam. S02 E11 Episode So will pars Oscars still rock you?

The Graham Norton Show Epiwode, please keep it short.

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She often gets into serious confrontations with Marilena, who feels anything but delighted with Zoumboulia’s presence. After an unexpected discovery the plans of Eisode, Aggela and Zoumpoulia radically change S02 E03 Episode When they are free, it is revealed that the mysterious leader of the bad guys is revealed to the viewers but not the characters to be the leader of a major fictional political party that has narrowly won the parliamentary elections, making him the new prime minister of Greece.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Andreas Kalogirou 49 episodes, Konstadinos Markoras is a director who owns a high profile drama school.

Due to some problems of the network the show changed its day from Thursday to Monday in the second season. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Graham Norton Show. More evidence lead to the mastermind behind the entire case: Share this Rating Title: Sign up for free to remove ads. This was confirmed in the series finale, when it was revealed that Amalia was actually a stewardess on the same plane as the relatives of the five heroes, and she was now an angel, sent to help the five to restore justice, but also and maybe most importantly to form a group of close friends, similar to her own group of friends, whom she had to leave behind when she died.


He is her personal financial adviser, and successfully manages the vast inheritance that Dahlia would otherwise be unable to manage herself.

In The Nick Of Time

It was never revealed as to where he had escaped to. These last moments of their lives they confess to one another their deepest feelings and secrets.

Some have characterised some of the shows punchlines during dramatic and suspenseful parts as dark comedy. To kafe tis Haras — A video club pentf will lead our heroes to set up a steak out outside the video club in order to find out where the bad guy lives.

Sto Para Pente – Season 1 –

Yes No Report this. S01 E06 Episode 6. The heiress of an immense fortune, she lost her chauffeur and lover in the plane crash. Although, about a quarter before the bomb explodes, they are rescued by Amalia, Theopoula and Sofia Spyros’ grandmawho appear there randomly and unexpectedly.

Aggela Ioakeimidou 49 episodes, Eirini Koumarianou Even more pfnte, however, is the leader’s chief henchman, who is determined to eliminate them, and who is simply known as “the bad guy” or “the guy in black” by the five. A couple of days before Christmas vacation Amalia says goodbye to our five heroes with a letter. The five continue their investigations, which lead them to a man named Paa Kastelis, who tells them that he killed the young woman in the second season it was revealed that Kastelis, along with other four men, attacked and killed her in