After the trial is extended due to the new facts presented, Grossberg explains his declination of the case to Phoenix, revealing that he is being blackmailed by company president Redd White, whom Mia had been investigating for corporate crime before her death. Using Larry’s recollection of the radio show he heard, Phoenix realizes that the bang Larry heard actually took place before midnight, the same time Lotta’s other photo was taken. For your consideration is this Astroboy complete series DVD all the discs and cases are in very good used condition showing normal signs of use and age. However, Atmey inadvertently reveals he knew Ron was wearing Mask DeMasque’s costume, placing him at the scene of the murder. Edgeworth posits that White saw the light stand while planting the wiretap months before the murder, which Phoenix cannot refute. Phoenix ends up chasing a monkey to one of the performer’s rooms, where they find a bust of Max and a diamond ring, which allegedly belongs to Ben’s puppet, Trilo.

He reveals that the reason Bat was attacked was because the scarf Regina gave him was covered in pepper, which caused Leon to sneeze and bite down on him, meaning that Acro’s intended target was Regina. Explore More from this Seller. Gumshoe manages to find some evidence left behind by Maya, but ends up getting into a traffic accident en route to the courtroom, where de Killer decides to testify over a transceiver. Guaranteed Delivery see all. Taking the witness stand, White claims to have heard a glass light stand shattering from his hotel room as the murder occurred, but Phoenix and Maya deduce that the only way White could have known about the stand was if he was in the office. Platinum Edition More from this Seller. After Maggey reveals that Viola was at the restaurant on the day of the murder, Phoenix clarifies with Viola, who had presumed that Tigre had saved her life out of love, that he was the one responsible for her accident and had to pay compensation to her family. Investigations Investigations 2 Professor Layton vs.


After speaking with Morgan, who episove how Maya was supposed to be next in line to inherit the channeling school following Misty’s disappearance, Phoenix finds a piece of Maya’s outfit in the incinerator where Pearl found the key.

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Retrieved April 30, Retrieved December 19, As Maya is reunited with Phoenix, Edgeworth sees Franziska off at the airport. Investigations Investigations 2 Professor Layton vs. After Dahlia’s attempt to feign ignorance only incriminates her further, Mia has Fawles testify about syrike incident from five years ago.

With Iris refusing to say anything to defend herself, Larry steps in to testify.

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Realizing he has been betrayed, de Killer cancels his contract with Engarde, choosing him as his next target, and releases Maya. News News chronological archives Retrieved July 23, Just as Edgeworth is declared innocent of Hammond’s murder, Edgeworth himself confesses that he is the true culprit of the DL-6 Incident. August 24, – Naruto’s fourth season is getting two animwbox in a two-month span.

Phoenix goes to the police station to research the case, only to discover that von Karma has taken all the files relating to it. Archived from the original on May 8, After accidentally breaking a precious seashell that she received animeobx Maya, Pearl asks Phoenix to help her search for an identical looking shell without Maya knowing.

Adrian explains that the bear was a gift to Corrida from Celeste, who hung herself after being dumped by Corrida after he learned about her relationship with Engarde. Phoenix threatens to drop Max’s defense, prompting Max animebxo confess his strained relationship with the other performers, convincing Phoenix to change his mind.


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Show only see all. EpisodesOVA Special. Under threat of being held in contempt of courtPhoenix is unable to find any beneficial information in Lotta’s testimony until Maya challenges its validity and is ejected in Phoenix’s place. That happened to me this week.

Gumshoe reports about Gale’s corpse and the “soul” he saw, which Phoenix reveals was a brief fire that he saw, as the train’s cars were actually rearranged just before the takeover.

Detective Pikachu Film’s 2nd Trailer Streamed Edgeworth accepts Phoenix’s offer, revealing that the prosecutor will be his undefeated mentor, Manfred von Karma. Back in the present, Edgeworth disembarks to places unknown, leaving behind a note that reads, “Miles Edgeworth chooses death. Ini claims that Maya, possessed by Mimi, came to see her in the side room following the murder.

This, however, is t While they watch the broadcast of Richman’s retrial, Gale’s corpse suddenly appears in Car 3 where Gumshoe is.

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Revealing that he hid the camera as insurance against de Killer, Engarde reminds Phoenix about what will happen to Maya if he fails to secure a “not guilty” verdict. Lacking the evidence to back up her claim, Mia asks Fawles to testify about the moments before his arrest. Vasquez summons a group of mobsters to silence Phoenix and Maya, but when Gumshoe comes to their rescue, she agrees to testify in court. Retrieved May 14,