Episode 5 — Lady in Waiting. But the nephew’s alibi is a little too convenient, and Columbo pulls a fast one to ferret out the killer. The gloves symbolize that theirs is a dead, lifeless relationship; soon to be literally dead. Jackson Gillis Score by: The two men exchange pleasant nods, but within seconds Mr Tuxedo, AKA art critic extraordinaire Dale Kingston, has pulled out a gun and slain the lovable old boy — his own uncle Rudy — in cold blood. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! But Columbo is, of course, no average person by any stretch and though he initially declines a few times, playing along with Kingston, he ultimately surprises Kingston by taking the key from his hand. Share this Rating Title:

From the outset, Columbo can’t quite understand why the thief would have first selected a painting of lesser value before suddenly switching to the two most valuable paintings after the killing. Although we know who the murderer is from the opening scene, the murder takes place only seconds into the episode in this case, as is the signature of the unique Columbo series, how the Lt. Also the Kim Hunter characterization as the ditsy ex-wife didn’t work for me. Read on and find out…. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? This is entrapment, he stammers!

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But he does arrange to tap his phone in case the artworks will be ransomed. Suitable for Framing The Columbophile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am a huge fan of this good opening and closing scenes certainly the best so far reviewed. Then read my full review here. But more than that, I personally rate this as the single greatest TV moment of all time.


He even knows that one was a woman after the security guard confirms that he heard high heels clip-clopping down the garden stairs. Kingston does this in such a way that the average person would feel uncomfortable accepting the key. I believe it is. Columbo also knows there were two people in on the act to ensure they could by-pass the alarm system. Mary Wickes and Vic Tayback contribute nice cameos. My 22 Favorite Columbo Episodes.

Many a fan rates Suitable as their very favourite.

A spiralling, manic piano solo then takes over as Kingston trashes the house. But how could Dale have done that, since Edna surely locked the doors to her car before she walked away?

Suitable for Framing

Uh, this is the policeman who phoned. The day has finally come!

Here is an interesting anecdote regarding Kim Hunter, with reference to her appearance in Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston: Also, the coffee cup which Columbo set on the table has moved, now twice as far from the edge as where Columbo placed it.

Hy Averback Written by: Search for ” Suitable for Framing ” on Amazon. Columbo, which is an impossible task. Columbo surely figured that Kingston committed the murder then figured a way to keep the body warm to throw off the medical examiner. In several episodes including this one, the killers try to establish suitzble by various means to make it appear they were somewhere else when the murder occurred based on the time of death.

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The two men exchange pleasant nods, but within seconds Mr Tuxedo, AKA art critic extraordinaire Dale Kingston, dor pulled out a gun and slain the lovable old boy — his own uncle Rudy — in cold blood. This stings Kingston into his fatal error.


Skip to content Menu. Kim Hunter Frank Simpson: He then goes back to his own car to retrieve the Degas pastels from his trunk. A wealthy art collector is murdered, and all signs suiitable to a robbery gone wrong.

Watch closely and colymbo can see his lip quiver in terror. He plants the pastels in her linen closet. Director Hy Averback was at the helm here for the first of his two Columbo episodes.

As well as the double delight of the finely crafted mystery and the top tier performances, Suitable for Framing is notable for a rich vein of humour.

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A solid, younger man in a crushed velvet tuxedo walks in to the columbp. This would cause the medical examiner to place time of death much later than it actually was they determine the approximate time by how stiff and cold the body is along with other factorswhich is to say when Dale was at the gallery.

And thanks, as always, for reading. The gloves were a wonderful touch by Gillis. Previous Appreciating Jean Arthur. The detective insists that he accidentally dropped off and has no idea of the time, but we know him too well to buy that.

Captain Wyler Mary Wickes Notify me of new colukbo via email. Mary Wickes Sam Franklin: What makes the scene suitwble for me is that Kingston and Tracy show what their relationship has really been about.