At the end of the episode, Kabir and Karan look for Kabir’s toy when a woman who looks exactly like Shalini approaches them and gives Kabir back the toy and leaves, passing through the wall with a portrait on it meaning the ghost of Shalini is real. The show was also TVs No. Tushar cannot bear to see her in an abusive marriage, but when he tries to rescue her from her husban Agneepath film topic Agneepath English: It turns out that she pronounced faux as fox, which caused Vinnie to think she had real animal furs. Apart from acting, he has also been involved in films as a screenwriter, producer and playback singer.

Shivshakti Sachdev as Rani Uberoi 5. Binnie tricks Rani into wearing the dress but Rani soon finds out. They search frantically for the treasure, but they end up breaking into the bank of Raj Mahal. However, in the European Union, one can vote in municipal elections if one lives in the municipality and is an EU citizen, the nationality of the country of residence is not required. Member feedback about Disney Channel Circle of Stars: Later, when they hear that Rani has dropped her purse with one or two thousand rupees in Suite , Vinnie, Rani, Karan and Kabir all run up to get it. The shows co-executive producer, Garry Marshall, had to lobby hard to get Klugman successfully hired, the show premiered September 24, on ABC. The fourth season title track is sung by Mohit Chauhan and Neeti Mohan.

She received her early education in a local girls’ school. She is married to film director Danish Aslam[3] and together they have a daughter named Alina. Maan Singh teaches her how to karran, her car ends up in the Raj Mahal hotel wall.

Throughout its run, The Odd Couple was juggled around ABCs programming schedule, the show struggled in the Nielsen ratings and was canceled at the end of every season.

Kabir tries to make himself look less like Karan by dyeing his hair, but it turns green and he asks Karan to take his place in an interview. He tells them he just wants to be a normal child and Karan takes him to the mall while Kabir takes his place in a meeting with the mayor Kabir wears a Shabakababa which is a worn on occasions in Rajraj’s culture — it covers the face so nobody could tell it was Kabir. A rumor is circulating around the Raj Mahal Hotel that Suite is haunted by a ghost named Shalini, whose husband left her for an actress.


Toolkit couldn’t fix things right because his mother moved out.

Rakhee Gulzar topic Raakhee Gulzar born Raakhee Majumdar on 15 August and widely known merely as Raakhee is a former Indian film actress[1] who has primarily appeared in Hindi films, as well as in many Bengali films. The boys are grounded again for another week after Priti finds out. This backfires when Rehan and his parents stay another night in Mumbai, and when Karan and Kabir get involved. Deepak as Rahul Chopra. The boys sneak Champak into the hotel and have him stay with Toolkit, kzbir then Champak escapes so the boys look all around the hotel.

However, Rajesh, who speaks fluent French, gets Nicole at the end. In the 21st century however the word is shortened to Nan.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Karan is told he will be a CEOwhile Kabir is going to turn out as a sanitation engineer. Kabir helps Rani with her website Yay Rani! Member feedback about Tara Sutaria: Maan Singh then hires Karan and Kabir to sneak around the hotel and find out who exactly is Sanjeev Kumar.

Max hugs Karan after they win a basketball game, then Karan insults Max making her feel bad since she really likes him.

Roman coin depicting election. Rani’s site then starts to get less viewers and she apologizes spisode Kabir, inviting him back to be the producer. Recently, he appeared in the game show Zor Ka Jhatka: Kuki Grewal as Clara, Gaffoor Sha Shipra is initially angry with Kabir when she finds out that Kabir is a boy but relents and gives him a kiss before leaving the Raj Mahal.

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Rani and Vinnie zeason to see him while Karan obtains souvenirs to auction off to other fans. Karan gets help from Grandma Maan Singh to prove Karan’s history teacher was wrong. He then uses karzn part of the paper the “Ask Kiran” column to get a girl named Shweta. At the end of the episode, Kabir and Karan look for Kabir’s toy when a woman who looks exactly like Shalini approaches them and gives Kabir back the toy and leaves, passing through the wall with a portrait on it meaning the ghost of Shalini is real.


Their movie’s name was Bhel puri ki kasam.

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Member feedback about Wake Up Sid: Maan Singh receives information that a food 4 called Sanjeev Kumar is coming to the Raj Mahal to try out the food.

Binnie and Jung Bahadur send Rani fake horoscopes to take advantage of her, which backfires when Rani finds out. Karan wants it, but Kabir won’t give it to him; he instead helps find Karan a suitable gift.

Karan and Kabir try to prove it wasn’t him, but they end up crashing a party, for which they get punished. Vinnie helps them meet behind everyone’s back. Maan Singh’s grandmother, Sukinder Kaur Dhillon Daman Baggan in a dual rolecomes to visit, and helps Karan with his history paper about “s Indian Independence Movement”, which he writes based on a man named Balwinder Singh Deol, whom according to Sukinder was the host of the a pro-independence radio show. Kabir excels in the pageant but quits so that Shipra can win the money to open a place to help pets.

Meanwhile, Rani and Binnie have to take care of a baby simulator for school, which keeps them up all night.

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In the article is a picture of Shobhaji, so Karan, Kabir and Vinnie ask her about it. Title card from the first season note the Neil Simon credit in the title.

He is a television and theatre personality. Meanwhile, Vinnie and Rahul’s band Waterworks for battle of the bands instruments’ are funded by Rani after they promise she can be a back-up singer, but she is a terrible singer.

Vinnie and Rani compete with each other to get on the cover of a teen magazine. After Shruti gets a job as a senior manager at another hotel, she and the boys find that they have to move out of the Raj Mahal Hotel. Karan and Kabir try to save the Raj Mahal’s carriage horse Champak from being sold to a mean lumberjack when the horse carriage driver Sushil gets retired.