Corrected on spelling mistakes and missing words by going through the whole movie. Subtitle ini adalah terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia dari subtitle Bahasa Inggris milik explosiveskull. Episode 5 – RM Team. S03E13 – A New Napkin. Resync from glasscastle untuk release PSARip. WEB Reupload for easy used subs for kodi. Episode 2 – RM Team. Complete Second Season Synced and corrected by mrcjnthn.

Episode 11 – – Fav’s quote “Orang yang bisa menyakitimu , orang yang bisa sangat melukaimu adalah orang-orang yang cukup dekat untuk melakukannya”. Terjemahan manual oleh TooN. Episode 1 – RM Team. Action , Crime , Drama. HI – Complete First Season. Daredevil – Season 1 Complete – x – Maxillion. S03E13 – A New Napkin.

Thanks to all Author. I guarantee this baby will not jam or my name ain’t Turk Barrett. HI – Complete First Season. Daredevil S01E10 – Nelson V. All encoded in utf8.

Lengkap dengan teks berwarna. Other subs are off by a few second s or millisecond s for the ettv release. All Episodes – Web-DL. Daredevil – Season 1 Complete subttles x – Maxillion.

Sedikit perbaikan milik suhu DIKIphd. S03E13 – A New Napkin. ActionCrimeDrama. A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil Season 1 Full Episodes For Foreign parts in the beginning are removed. Dogs to a Gunfight.


Resynh glasscastle4 timming detik versi Lucifer Daredevil S01 p Bluray. Thanks to Addic7ed This an improved version Re-synced and corrected by Heddcha. Netflix RIP – Arabic subtitles in.

Subtitles for Daredevil

Sync and Corrected after Rayhaan’s fatbat observation. Episode 1 – RM Team.

Occasional Subtitling, alias translate suka-suka. HI Removed — www. Best of the best. Jika ada Author yang keberatan dengan post subtitle saya, Inbox saya disini Line: Episode 4 – RM Team. Subtitle sync and translation by Xuits Giannantoni.

Don’t forget to rate it. Saya hanya meng-Improved Sub yang sesuai dengan Versi yang saya Download. Marvels Daredevil Season 2 4k x 10bit Joy. SubsFactory, sottotitoli per passione! The Man in The Suite. Daredevil complete season one. Corrected on spelling mistakes and missing words by going through the whole movie.

Guys please rate and comment so that others could also know English Foreign parts only. S03E12 – One Last Shot. Marvels Daredevil Season 1 4k x 10bit Joy. Maaf, kalau ada yang tidak pas. Make sure your videos are from right sources -thanks.


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Eps 1 – 7 Not Resync, Daredevil S01E02 – Cut Man p. Both Versions p p Marvels. I D F L glasscastle please. Dogs To a Gunfight. Marvels Daredevil Season 2 p x p Joy. Home Action Daredevil Subtitles for Daredevil. HI subs, extracted from Netflix by Yours Truly Episode 5 – RM Team.

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Seri ,credit untuk penerjemah. Daredevil – Season 1 – S01EE Still, Inform me in the comments section whether it fits others or not. Daredevil Season 1 p Web Dl x ani. Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 3 – Official Trailer. S03E05 – The Perfect Game.