Increasingly disillusioned by the cynicism of government and business, Bennett begins to understand why his father, whom he holds in contempt, has given up on the system and turned into a hopeless alcoholic. Harrison Ford turned down the role of Bob Barnes the role played by George Clooney , regretting it later, stating, “I didn’t feel strongly enough about the truth of the material and I think I made a mistake. George Clooney plays the lead character of Bob Barnes. Bennett’s upward mobility is complicated by his difficult relationship with his father, an alcoholic who faults his son for working for the establishment. Prince Wasir intends to execute a coup and is on the way to deliver his message when his entourage is attacked. Instead he meets Prince Nasir. Outraged by his government’s collusion with big business to impact the political course of a country, Bob confronts Whiting, who coolly informs him that he has been used and lied to during his entire career at the agency.

Please enter your information below to create your own personal account with tcm. To compensate for its decreased production capacity, Connex initiates a shady merger with Killen, a smaller oil company that recently won the drilling rights to key petroleum fields in Kazakhstan. Connex workers Saleem Ahmed and his son have just been laid off from their jobs in the fields when the Chinese take them over. Mar 4, Rating: Afterward, the students at the Islamic school watch the video Wasim made before committing suicide, in which he declares “the next world is the true life. Meanwhile, Geneva based Bryan Woodman, an energy analyst, eventually becomes associated with the Emir and his family, largely due to a tragic incident.

It’s through these characters’ everyday lives that were able to enter into a world that at first blush seems abstract to most people, but is relevant, because this nexus of oil interests, terrorism, and the possibility of democracy in the Middle East powerfully affects our economy as well as our psyche and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Disappointed when he discovers he will not be meeting with the Emir, but rather his emissaries, Bryan puts forth stale ideas that the emissaries have heard many times before.

Upon returning to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, Bob rankles his superiors by sending memos regarding the urgency of finding the missing missile, a loss that, if publicized, could cause untold problems for the agency. In Tehran, Iran, CIA agent Bob Barnes, on a covert mission to assassinate two Iranian arms dealers, lures them into a trap by offering to sell them two Stinger missiles.

The result is thought-provoking and unnerving, emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating. Nicky Henson as Sydney Hewitt. Bennett Holiday meets with Dean Whiting, who is convinced that Killen bribed someone to get the drilling rights in Kazakhstan.


At the bottom of the social hierarchy are the migrant laborers whose lives are directly affected by the royal family’s policies and the industry’s vagaries. Woodman and his wife fight over this because it seems like pay-off money for the death of her son, to her. Meanwhile, in Georgetown, D. After going to his room, Bob watches as Mussawi’s men arrive to kidnap Nasir.

Gaghan the writer fills out his American characters with flashes of individuality, but his director side has Jeffrey Wright underplay his role too much. Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg, Rhona Mitra. Time magazine’s Richard Corliss wrote, “Gaghan relies on Clooney’s agnostic heroism to lure viewers into his maze.

Syriana: Narrative, Structure, Ideology

Robert Foxworth as Tommy Thompson. I didn’t have to be connected with an accurate depiction of a particular person, so I could concentrate more on reacting honestly to the broader questions were raising.

Movies at their best can initiate discussions, and in this case, discussions about world dependency on oil. Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. Woodman’s supervisor directs him to attend a private party hosted by the emir at his estate in Spain, to offer his company’s services. Some of those may try to take matters into their own hands for their form of justice. Harrison Ford turned down the role of Bob Barnes the role played by George Clooneyregretting it later, stating, “I didn’t feel strongly plto about the truth of the material and I think I made a mistake.

Jan 16, Full Review…. But Mussawi has become an Iranian agent and has Barnes abducted. Log in with Facebook. One of the workers is a young man from Pakistan named Wasim played by Mazhur Munir. Steven Carrier Super Reviewer. He pulls another fingernail from Bob.

Some viewers will be confused while watching the film. Clooney, adopting a resolutely hangdog expression, is given the cleanest character in the movie, but also the most esplained.

Syriana Movie Review Summary

Bennett’s success at the law firm is also jeopardized when Farish informs him that the Justice Department will not approve the merger until they can indict a major executive at Connex or Killen, thus providing an illusion of due diligence on their part.

Soon after, Bryan’s son Max jumps into the water and is electrocuted. Max Minghella as Robby Barnes. Bennett, who knows his future with the firm depends on his uncovering any Killen improprieties, is being pressured by Whiting to find the person who served as the conduit for the bribe. Sep 26, Full Review…. Meshal, who values his yachts and horses more than the welfare of his people, welcomes Whiting’s offer to assure his ascendancy to the throne in exchange for restoring Connex’s drilling rights.


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Wasim and his brother drive a fishing boat loaded with explosives and the RPG from Barnes into a gigantic harbor-based storage facility of liquid petroleum gas at the spot where all the executives from the two American oil companies are celebrating the merger. I want you to take him from his hotel, drug him, put him in the front of a car, and run a truck into it at 50 mph. Woodman goes to Saudi Arabia with his family. He and his father were recently laid off from their jobs in the Connex oilfields, when the Prince granted drilling rights to a Chinese corporation.

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There are also multiple plot lines that never really have anything to do with each other except eexplained the actions of one affects one of the other plot lines thus altering the outcome. Definitely go see Syriana, but see it when you are awake and prepared to pay attention. The approval of the merger is critical to Connex, which lost its long-held rights to drill explaibed an oil-rich Persian emirate when the country’s foreign minister, Prince Nasir Al-Subaai, the son and heir of Emir Hamed Al-Subaai, awarded the ezplained to the higher bid of the People’s Republic of China.

Greco-Roman administrations were the first to apply the term to a definite district. Sign Up Sign In. Figuring out who is connected to who hint, they are all connected and tracing how the smallest decisions can lead to death is fascinating. Through all these manoeuvrings, migrant workers are affected, some who cannot retain work with the changing of companies controlling the oil.

Please enter your information below to create your own personal account with tcm. I however cannot recommend this film to everyone as it’s highly complex and it’s very hard to understand as there are three subplots to the main story. There is a weird absence of both dramatic heat and political light explzined.

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How we all inhabit the same world, and we all just want better lives for our children. If the Emir found out, it could threaten Prince Nasir ascension to the throne and thus derail the democratization ex;lained. Another influence, or resource—one that might also explain the movie’s use of a documentary clip featuring John D. Login with Social Account: