He got into character, he hit it hard, and he kept up with Comfort. Maybe once the All-Stars come in it will get there. It adds variety, changes it up! I am obsessed with the way she just throws her ALL into everything. They thought Amy was elegant and exquisite. First when Cat says the routine is choreographed by Ivan Koumaev from Season 2. I thought he did great in this piece. I can tell the judges are just grasping for straws, but I wish they were a little more honest with him.

Nico let something go. There was something so raw about it and still so sexy. Like I feel like other dancers would. And the kid is humble to. Ugh this show frustrates me! First of all let me just say it is rude telling the contestants that everyone unanimously felt Tucker deserved to stay more than Nico. Paul is such a great partner taking such good care of Mackenzie throughout this whole routine. Was Aaron going to take it from her?

If you ask me how I feel? And I thought Hayley did just okay. The guys were really sexy I just must have a thing for cut off T-shirts but I felt like the girls could have stepped it up a bit more. Malece looked more timid, and afraid to let go. Can you tell I watch a seasob of Project Runway?


Hopefully Mackenzie will have one of those standout moments for me. This routine is probably the best Fik-Shun has ever performed in this style. Just one zolo the perks of living in Los Angeles.

Logo and all related marks and designs are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. She puts her all into everything.

Loved itand if we were going off sheer stamina and shhun, maybe Amy would be the deserving winner. The judges like it and think the dancers are super strong.

Seaason Amy or Hayley could be the dark horse. I think the judges just want to send Nico home. This is where the men get separated from the boys and women from the girls. Nico Greetham Comfort Fedoke.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Jasmine in the bottom? Every breath she took or move she made, he moved with her and they blended together. Almost ssolo if she were predicting it would be Tucker going home due to his inability to perform.

He was all smiles despite the fact that he was also working really hard. I really felt her anger there at the end when she threw her engagement ring at him. Tyce DiOrio Oh Tyce. If possible it was just as crazy and hilarious as it was the first time around. My love is for real. Why are they doing it this way? It felt romantic and emotional and light and that ending when he caught her and spun was really romantic and the perfect way to end the dance.


Great piece, it makes me so happy watching it!

The solo is a lot of mouth opening and leg flicks but she looks great. Was I supposed to remember this?

SYTYCD Fik Shun Solo Top 6 – Videos – Metatube

Hopefully they can do something like this next seasom. Nigel could throw us a curveball and vote off Fik-Shun, but it would be a shame. Okay upon 2 nd look, this really was a great piece.

And Aaron is a big dude! It all felt heavy handed, and also frankly a weird, dramatic way of ending the show. It was just them dancing. When is Cat sytydd to finally get her Emmy? How could Bon Iver let Birdy cover their song?