I would love to be a more interactive reader but unfortunately I discover the dramas WAY past you have reviewed them. It has a very different feel than Talkhiyan so be warned ,, but stick with it for an ep or two and see if it grabs your attention.. Funny you should bring up DeS.. For a woman who had hoped to be both a mother and a father to her twins, had sworn to love them double, and had helped them nurture rose-colored dreams of a happy ever-after, Bibi failed to deliver. You write so well, always looked forward to reading your comments about each episode. Honestly, I thought no way! Bibi, you did not break your promise. Talkhiyan, you will be missed!

How sad she was to come live in that new house without her brother being there, her missing him while putting her stuff away. From the writing to the direction to the photography to the acting- all superb. Also thanks for your reveiws they have been great speaking to like minded people. Notify me of new posts via email. You are great asset in this drama industry for sure!! I think the kids zoyee and jugnu should get an award before anyone else though.. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Also at one point of time she just seems tired with it all, even her twins, and often drifted away into her own world of illusion.

What an extrodinary journey it was.

So why give it a seemingly happy ending? It was her twin Jugnu she had come back to find. She may have lost her looks, but wow! Sanam, I told you this before, and I say it again, you inspire me to be a better actor, so thank you.


Thank you SZ for writing the detaiked reviews.: Loved your reviews of SeZ and now of Talkhiyan. The story line in the series is same as that of the novel although the names of the characters are changed Ammu is Bibi, Rahel is Zoya, Estha is Jugnoo etc.

But its all credit due to the serial that inspired the writing … this one will be hard to put behind! Thank you so much for following up on my recommendation. SK — I am not much a crier but this last ep def got me going as well!! Her agony, pain is still haunting me even after it has halkhiyan a couple of hours since I completed watching the episode.

Read it and be sad, as sad as I was, at the reason why serials like Talkhiyan and Pehchan dont happen very often. The taljhiyan were broken. Thanks SZ for introducing me to this wonderful world of silver wood……I came to know about talkhyian through ur reviews and that was its 15th and 16th epi review. His downcast eyes and mannerism made the character extremely real.

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Yes indeed this a hugely welcome change …hopefully we wont have too long a wait before we get something else that is equally mesmerizing. For me, it was not just the story of Zoyee, Jugnu and Bibi; but each and every character. In this midst they befriend Baloo, a low caste and a total taboo for the snobs and hypocrites of Silverwood, whose ubiquitous presence the residents of silverwood bear for their own selfish reasons.

Hi, My parents, Raziuddin Ahmad and Seema Razi, wanted to let you know that they have been regularly reading your articles on Talkhiyan, and they enjoyed all of them.

No, Bibi, much as I hated you and loved you and all else in between, you were never a failure. This is the kind of stories, dramas, the pakistani drama industry should work on making. Watching Zoyee sitting there drrama, getting ready to to watch her twin brother go away brings tears to my eyes.


Drma you rightly said, MZ looked and acted like never before.

Talkhiyan Episode 19 – 14th April 2013

Hard to believe that this was silver-tongued nawab Sarmad M debut — he was perfectly cast. The sadness stems from how this could be so true, children are so innocent and their childhood experiences are what molds them into who they are.

A perfect way to end this drama, a classic! Im really becoming a fan of your blog, and on your recommendation I tuned into this drama.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

With her children gone, her lover dead, her family against her, and troubled by failing health, how much more was she supposed to grow? Even the epjsode starts to see things your way!

SZ thanks for all the beautiful reviews…you captured everything perfectly …your way with words is just brilliant!

Hey SZ, I have been a silent talkhlyan of your reviews since the time I started watching this show. After watching Talkhiyan I had written a summarized take on it. How many other secrets did these children share? Shamim apa, love you! I am now a huge fan, and can hardly wait for her next project.