Mateo Reid January 14, at 5: At the Space Center, Steven reveals that only a Lorekeeper, those tasked with passing on the knowledge of the ancient world, can enter the Sky Pillar. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! Anonymous December 28, at 9: Stone’s Grandfather, using the story, created Infinity Energy using similar energy to the ones that weapon used. Ha January 1, at Speak to Steven to get your next objective.

I beat the elite four 2 times and finished the delta episode. Home Features Posted By: Anonymous December 28, at 7: Rayquaza will wish to join your party on capture rather than be sent to the box Zinnia teaches it Dragon Ascent and challenges you to assess your worth as the protector. Rayquaza needs to know the move dragon ascent in order to mega evolve. Navigation Back – Forward – Top.

Nightwolf84 January 2, at 7: This site uses cookies More info No problem. Anonymous January 15, at 1: She expresses disappointment that, with all of human knowledge and technology, they can’t come up with a better plan. Wallace will break the seal for you, then challenge you to a Pokemon battle. If you beat the Elite 4 again and go back to the Sky Tower, Deoxys will be waiting on top ready to battle again.

Go to the hideout and the grunts will say that Zinnia is too powerful but luckily their leader is deep in the base.


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Rayquaza is an insta-capture. She explains that Hoenn has continually suffered disasters, and that the meteoroid is one that has happened on several occassions and the others are Primal Reversions awakening, and each time Rayquaza appeared to rescue. Steven will call and recommend you go to Mossdeep City. You will engage in a battle with a Level 70 Rayquaza.


Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! Anonymous Walkthrojgh 25, at Sup everyone I caught my raquaza in one premier ball and two ultra balls without doin anythin to it and caught my deoxys within 20 ultras. At the west side of this floor is a hidden Full Restore. Steven decides to remain with the professor and his team to come up with a new plan to stop the meteoroid, leaving the task of stopping Zinnia to the player. Anonymous September 1, at 3: Luke December 14, at Can you make another rayquaza mega evolve other than the one you catch in this game?

Walk downstairs to find your parents talking about an upcoming meteor shower event. Once you regain control, leave your house to meet Zinnia — a flamboyant and quirky character.

Did anyone else noticed that Groudon was spelled wrong? This is done with the help of characters such as Steven and Wallace.

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ZERO damage and that one, first ultra ball caught him. AnimeAubrey January 1, deltaa 2: Anonymous January 2, at Before she leaves, Zinnia invites the player to follow her to the Sky Pillar. Remember, their house is the one on the opposite side of yours. Epislde February 2, at Your mom February 15, at 5: ECW28 December 3, at 3: Anonymous February 2, at 7: Go to your rival’s house and she will mention how a woman came in, attacked her and stole her Key Stone and is heading to Petalburg.


When you enter the Sky Pillar, you will meet Zinnia once more.

When you arrive in Petalburg, head over tram Wally ‘s house in the northwest. She will challenge you to a Pokemon battle. After the short cut scene, you will battle the legendary Pokemon Deoxys!

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EthanDestroys2 January 2, at 1: If you’re playing Omega Ruby, you’ll obtain the Cameruptite. Anonymous January 2, at 9: Well thats my theory.

Inside the room, you will see Zinnia facing off with the leader.