Zainuddin is an orphan. After losing his wife, Attar also emigrated to eliminate the grief endured. Diposting oleh Irwan Haerawan di But I tried to ignore the supporting cast: At the very least, Hayati’s mamak deserves to be credited. Remove the ship scene, and I would give this movie 9 points.

The characters of this movie successfully deliver a deep emotion to the audience. Because it’s a tragedy they should also give heavy reason of Kapal Van Der Wijck sank more clearly. The Indonesian socialist literary critic Bakri Siregar wrote that Van der Wijck was Hamka’s best work, noting with interest the way in which Zainuddin writes about politics after losing Hayati. While I think this is more due to the director’s preferred approach and style, I cannot help thinking as if I was watching an old music video by Rizal Mantovani which also happens to be involved in this movie. The woman protagonist’s character was confusing. From the beautiful sceneries and cinematography, the excellent period set pieces that catch the mood and atmospheres of the Minangkabau’s village and town, and the cities of Batavia and Surabaya in the ‘s, the authentic and eye-catching set properties such as the big mansions, the old cars, the antiques and the horse racing stadium, up to the well made designed costumes, including the classy suits and dresses, complete with the stylish hats and fancy sunglasses. Zainuddin is an orphan.

Mahayana found Van der Wijck to have good characterisation and use suspense better than contemporary Balai Pustaka publications; he suggested that this was a benefit of the work originally being published as a serial.

He decides to move to Padang Panjangalthough he continues to write to Hayati. Zainuddin chooses to leave Minang island and ventured to Java island after his heart had been broken by Hayati.

This movie is remarkable because each part of the story is described so smoothly. The next day she boards the Van der Wijcktenggela,nya sinks off the coast of northern Java. And when Hayati makes a promise that she will forever wait for him and he will become her husband one day, if not here on earth then in the afterlife, that promise has sealed Zainuddin’s heart forever.


LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Tumblr. Fenggelamnya fact is that there were 4 writers in this mess. Adakah kegiatan penambangan yang dila And there he met his sweet heart Hayati Pevita Pearce.

Review Text: Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck [ENGLISH]

Berbagi ke Twitter Berbagi ke Facebook. Hy sahabat bloger kamu pusing untuk mencari tugas atau sesuatu yg lain t I like Herjunot’s portrayal of a young man growing up in Makassar, and his accent is very convincing. Soraya’s 5 long years of research and development of this film, including choosing the right casting, really paid cilm, resulting in an unforgettable motion picture with such great details. At the other end, when Zainuddin bursts out all of his emotions and angriness to Hayati near the end of the movie, after years of holding bitterness inside of him, Herjunot strikes and hits us right at heart with the way he says all that, showing us that even though Zainuddin is a good man, but he is also just a human being with heart and pains and emotions.

A love oath so sacred for him that makes him unable to love another woman. I can forgive Reza’s character as having too much Dutch influence, so much that his Tenggelamnys accent is nowhere to be heard.

Pengertian, Jenis dan Manfaaat Hutan. As usual, Reza Rahadian plays impeccably.

There are many scenes in which I feel like the director ignores logic, or at least did wjick provide a convincing scene as background or explanation. It was like back in the Sumatran island culture in the ’30s. The Sinking of Van Der Wijck has a few good points, and it is not a total disaster.

Review Text: Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck [ENGLISH] – Mermaid’s Bluebell

It was Also Able to give a little bit of awareness and teach you a few things. I know they’re in tenggeoamnya just because the script say so. Pevita Pearce also successfully demonstrated with good acting skills. However this film is well worth to see because it shows one of the eijck culture of Indonesia. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Inadvertently, Zainuddin again met with Hayati who has now become the wife of Aziz.


Archived from the original on 4 June Other acting appearances were quite a surprise present from Randy Nidji who recently made his acting debut through, but managed to give the appearance that is so convincing. Potensi Sumber Daya Wijcck Perhatikanlah keadaan sekitar tempat tinggal kamu masing-masing! The characters of this movie successfully deliver a deep emotional to audience.

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Although, the credit here is not entirely on the director as the landscape is already beautiful. They become poor families fillm they asked Zainuddin to make them stay at home and Aziz accept them.

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck English: Pengertian hutan Hutan adalah suatu areal yang luas dikuasai oleh pohon, tetapi hutan bukan hanya sekedar pohon.

The movie is a real tearjerker, with so many heartbreaking moments. With the accidentZainuddin felt worse and alone. Hearing the tenggwlamnya, Zainuddin and Muluk rush to Tuban to search for her. A tragic love story adapted from the mega bestseller novel “Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck” “Sinking of the van der Wijck”first published inwritten by Buya Hamka, a great and well known Indonesian writer.

Good performance by extras, specifically those playing the parts fenggelamnya Hayati’s family.