Yang Gil said that it is now emergency crisis. Kim Yu Shin wants to join Mi Shil’s faction. Episode 10 Episode Episode 15 Episode Meanwhile, Queen Maya has three miscarriages and is unable to bear a son exactly how it is said in the prophecy when a queen has twin girls. Years later when she returns to the palace, Princess Deokman joins forces with her twin sister to fight Lady Mishil Go Hyun Jung , a royal concubine who has risen to become the second highest-ranking official and wants to seize total power from the King.

Meanwhile a shocked Cheon Myeong is having memory troubles. Bi Dam queries on a mole. Meanwhile, Yusin must deal with a threat against his family from his own people. Lord Jujin said that this is seen as a treacherous offense for Kim Yu Shin. Episode 37 Episode Kim Chun Chu said he did not. An exiled princess must overcome a formidable enemy to rise to become the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.

Bring my sword over.

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Deokman uses Bidam and Yushin to trick Misil into believing that an eclipse will happen. Cheonmyeong heads to Yeolae Temple to meet Moon-roh but is attacked by bandits and flees by way of a ferry. Episode 8 Episode 8. Episode 17 Episode When Deokman tells him that he can make money in Rome, Chil-sook follows her greaat the inn.

Bi Dam said there is nothing to be found but then what did Kim Tge Shin saw over there. Kim Yu Shin finds his situation unfair. Wyol Ya asked what does she want from them. Mi Shil and Mi Saeng comes back from their negotiation.


A Baekje army that only have 3 days reserve will be venerable to be isolated. Episode 35 Episode Episode – – Sinetron terbaru Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala mula menemui penonton pada 21 April pukul Episode 50 Episode Episode – 7 Julai – Layar Drama Indonesia: It looks like Mi Shil has gone crazy. Eul Jae order that the person that sent the petition is to be assassinated.

Episode 47 Episode Queen Seon Deok gives her consent to proceed but Bi Dam sees Queen Seon Deok looking vexed as 556 assures her not to worry that he will save Silla at all costs. Cheonmyeong is pursued by Bo-jong but Kim Yusin rescues her from danger. Bi Dam seek her audience. Kim Chun Chu said that they will be quick in what they come to say. The Yu Shin Army was already suffered defeat. Kim Yu Shin wants to join Mi Shil’s faction.

Bidam’s supporters betray him in the hopes that he will break his engagement off with Deokman and claim the throne for himself. There are people sending in petition to request that Kim Yu Shin to be executed.

But Seol Won Rang just wanted to find a way to a solution. Episode 23 Episode Bi Dam asked what is Queen Seon Deok trying to imply. Wyol Ya said that it is her stated condition.

Episode 26 Episode Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast. Jook-bang and Go-do try to swindle Deokman who they perceive to be na’se and gullible. Episode 2 Episode 2. Episode 59 Episode Mi Shil tells him that there is no attraction that men chase women out of mere devotion, that is.

Deok Man suggests Chun Chu.


Episode 34 Episode Episode 16 Episode Bi Dam asked Kim Yu Shin to stop his prattles. Bo Jong inform that Kim Yu Shin was seen in the border of Baekje, so we arrest him on suspicious for spying.

Seo Ji affirms that he has deploy their men to cover the whole ridge that if they detect any suspicion, they will be notified.

Queen Seon Deok takes no notice as Bi Dam leaves.

Queen Seon Deok asked Joo Bang to called an emergency court meeting episoed once. Kim Yu Shin goes around the battlefield turning over every corpse he finds to identify Deok Man when the last remnant Baekje soldier attacks. Episode 18 Episode Bi Dam said that he is just waiting for the right moment.

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Yeom Jing said that they has look at the register there is nothing to be found as Episdoe Dam thinking hard. Queen Seon Deok grips the map by clenching her fist. Kim Yong Chu says that as for being Bu Gun, there is no just cause to deny the truth in overthrowing the argument of Lord Chun Chu right as a candidate. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Thee princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil.