And right when Travis had gotten interesting, too. Yes No Report this. Now you got him. Eventually, Ofelia got so hot and thirsty that not even a vision of her father could save her. Philip ‘The Governor’ Blake. Milton Mamet Jose Pablo Cantillo

Meanwhile, a new group of survivors discover the prison. When shooting erupts, they are soon reunited but they will have to fight their way out. Of course the plan was doomed but it gave Rick and the crew time to flashbang the room, fill it with smoke and get their people out of there, minus poor Oscar and Daryl. She has a win but not trust. There was a lot of buzz online about people wanting this character to appear and who should play him — and I was on a lot of those lists. Upon its initial broadcast on December 2, , “Made to Suffer” was watched by estimated

Fear The Walking Dead S03E08 “Children of Wrath” REVIEW

Back at the prison meanwhile, a new group arrives in need of help. Top Walking Dead Episodes. So it looked like Maddie was going to have to shoot him herself. Donna xead to the bite, and after a brief moment of silence, Tyreese smashes her head with a hammer to prevent her re-animating. Meanwhile, a new group of survivors encounter the prison.

A home but not peace. Milton Mamet Jose Pablo Cantillo Laurie Holden does a good job and Andrea’s interesting development is appreciated, though at times walkung is written rather too naively my only small complaint of the episode but over-lookable with everything else being so exceptional.

Full Cast and Crew.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your deae movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! A Very Hairy Situation At the ranch, Jake reluctantly agreed with Maddie that, with the militia wiped out except for Troy, they should go ahead and arm everyone.


Fear The Walking Dead S03E08 “Children of Wrath” REVIEW | MyMBuzz

waking While they are gone, a group of five survivors—siblings Tyreese Williams Chad L. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here, especially in the closing scene with Jeremiah, it hits the bullseye. The world building is stunningly immersive and effective. Direction is smart and atmospheric while the show throughout has been strongly acted.

The Walking Dead episode. Use the HTML below. Goofs Z03e08 the Governor addresses the townspeople, the Steadicam’s shadow is briefly visible on the Governor’s shirt, as the camera passes between him and the rigged floodlights. Merle Dixon David Morrissey Lori Grimes credit only Laurie Holden Meanwhile, Rick and the crew storm Woodbury and rescue Glenn and Maggie, but lose Oscar to a gunshot, as well as Darryl, who is taken prisoner.

You must be a registered user to plof the IMDb rating plugin. Rick and the others launch their ambush, enabling them walling bring Glenn and Maggie to safety; however, Michonne slips away on her own. That evening, she told her kids the story of a lonely little girl who grew so hardened by life with her father — in public, a beloved politician; in private, an abusive drunk — that she was able to murder him to protect her mother.

The two groups finally collided together in an epic clash of smoke grenades, automatic weapons and blood. The Governor and Michonne have a physical confrontation after she discovers and kills his re-animated daughter, Penny. How creepy-cool was the Ki: Walkiny to Suffer 02 Dec Official iTunes Season 3. He wanted to work with me and wrote Sasha for me.


The Governor needs a scapegoat and he is quick to point the finger at one of his own. Search for ” Made to Suffer ” on Amazon. It’s s03w08 rare and I’m still quite dumbfounded about it but Glen and I hit it off and I still appreciate him. And now, the minor interest that has turned into a major waljing In the Woodbury arena, The Governor addresses the town’s citizens, declaring that they were attacked by “terrorists”.

Retrieved December 28, Upon its initial broadcast on December 2,”Made to Suffer” was watched by estimated Rick manages to shoot his former best friend once again, but realizes that the man is just another Woodbury guard.

Forbes magazine’s Erik Kain said it was “a strong episode overall, even if the addition of new characters was a bit much to pack into the hour”. He then accuses Merle of betraying the people of Woodbury and has his men drag Daryl into the arena as proof of Merle’s complicity; the residents start chanting for wapking blood.

He just happened to find the Abigail — with some undrunk bubbly left on board, even.