The Barksdale family’s drug trade continues to falter because of supply problems. List of The Wire episodes. The returning cast included Dominic West as Officer Jimmy McNulty , [1] whose insubordinate tendencies and personal problems continued to overshadow his ability. Garbled text strange characters, like rectangles. Season two picks up several months after the season one finale, and two new factions are thrown into the mix: These are the social observations and workings mixed into season two.

Russell and Bunk revisit Philly, looking for evidence. The Wire – First Season Imdb. The Wire – 1×02 – The Detail. The union remains loyal and seals the destruction of their future. Electric Twister Acid Test. They watch the warehouse and see Sergei Malatov meeting with Proposition Joe. With his business faltering, Bodie moves his crew into new territory. The detail uses satellite technology to its advantage but meets a setback as Valchek turns over control of the investigation to the FBI.

Prima stagione – first season, 3, skodked. Unfortunately for Frank, one of the cans contained 13 prostitutes who suffocated under suspicious circumstances.

He, like so many other characters in The Wireis both free and trapped, continuing to move forward but never making any progress. Vondas lures Sobotka into danger by offering him a meeting with The Greek and a promise to help Nick and Ziggy.

McNulty offers to help and again ensures that the case goes back to Rawls’ homicide department. Wier is not a subtitle! Becoming paranoid, he smuggles a container without contraband to see the results, and his suspicions solidify when the Port Police pull the container over Russell had phoned them asking for a short delay so the detail could arrange a tail of the saeson. D’Angelo’s funeral brings together the Barksdale Organization. Nick tries to come to terms with the Greeks, and himself.


Despite his penchant for self-sabotage, he did end season one with a smug look of self-congratulation when he lost his homicide gig but at least got an easy gig working in the marine unit.

With two sets of evidence, the detail goes to Pearlman who tells them neither crime merits a wiretap, but a drug connection could give the case legs. Friends 3×24 the ultimate fighting champion xvid asd.

He remains outside the warehouse to turn himself in. The first season of The Wire set up two factions: English subtitles for the FuckGov release. Valchek strikes a deal with Acting Commissioner Burrell —in return for supporting Burrell in his aspirations for promotion, Valchek demands Burrell set up a sire to investigate Sobotka and his union.

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“The Wire” S01E01 The Target subtitles

seasin Officer Russell gets information from one of thw workers she used to have a relationship with who indicates that the union computer may be useful in tracking containers. The Greeks confidently ease out of a brief encounter with the detail and Omar’s suspicions are validated. Homicide detectives hand out grand jury summonses to stevedores sdason in the homicide case, and Port Police Officer Beadie Russell works the lingering affections of an old boyfriend yhomilla find out how cargo disappears from the docks.

The Wire season 1 Episode 1 Russian Subtitles. The Wire Season 1 subtitles Hungarian. The plight of the stevedores dispels the Horatio Alger myth that hard work will yield financial success. Bodie Broadus finds that the new shipment of drugs for the Barksdale Organization is missing.


The Wire, Season 1 Complet – We see how every character continues to live their life, who among them managed to grow, who remains trapped, and how their world remains the same as it ever was. When 12 of the bodies are discovered by port authority officer Beadie Russell Amy Ryan and a floater is pulled out of the bay by McNulty, the wayward homicide detective puts together evidence of murder and that they occurred under the jurisdiction of the Baltimore Police Department.

Sobotka thomllla to work with the investigation into the Greeks in exchange for leniency for Nick and Ziggy. Lester Freamon and Russell continue to study the docks’ traffic using their cloned computer, and suspect irregularities in containers handled by “Horseface”.

With his business faltering, Bodie moves his crew into new territory. Each season of The Wire introduces a different facet of the city of. Bodie is pleased with the new supply of drugs, but unhappy that Proposition Joe’s nephew Cheese is on his turf.

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The Wire S01E09 – Game. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! The FBI visits the htomilla hall and tells them that they need to change their leadership or face decertification.

Avon complicates Stringer’s attempted betrayal by hiring feared hitman Brother Mouzone to drive off rival dealers.