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All content is copyright its respective authors and is not to be reproduced without permission. Jim Di Griz , Apr 2, Be all over this like a bad suit when it’s out. Mar 2, at 8: Find More Posts by Alfredlynch. Find More Posts by MifuneFan. From time to time, Cimino’s film even mimics the laid-back attitude of Malick’s film. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Blu-ray Screenshots.

Send a private message to MifuneFan. Clint Eastwood, whose Malpaso production company had almost exclusively worked with Warner Bros. Send a private message to Akijama.

The majority of them are in the first half, where Thunderbolt and Lightfoot tjunderbolt not completely trust each other but feel that they have plenty in common. WWE Raw — Feb 25th Like us on Facebook Nerdly.

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This is one of the few movies where Clint is almost a supporting character compared to Jeff Bridges’ Lightfoot, who is just full of quirkiness and energy.

The Possession of Hannah Grace. Gregory Walcott Plan 9 From Outer Space plays the dealer that gets cheated in the beginning of the film. Jan 29, at Your nickname or email address: How to Train Your Dragon: Personally, I never picked up on the context the first time I watched the movie, but being aware of it going into this viewing of the film, I will say the subtext is certainly present and think it should be left up to each individual viewer to decide.


Tucson Arizona Blu-ray collection: For me, the biggest head-scratcher here is why it took so long for ‘Thunderbolt and Lightfoot’ to make it to Blu-ray, and why MGM didn’t think enough of the film to give it a special edition themselves rather than hand it off to Twilight Time for a limited release.

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (Second Sight)

After a wild chase, the boys ditch the car and later on end up getting a ride from an angry lunatic with a shotgun.

Can retire the crummy old DVD at last. Wow, this is like when DVD first come out -absolute classic film.

Originally Posted by duggie walker. Feb 11, Messages: Click on the images below for full secobd Blu-ray screen caps! Subtitles are offered in English SDH only.

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Blu-ray

The release will be available Another reason why everyone should have a muti region player Nov Blu-ray collection: Paul L – Life of Pi No, create an account now. May 25, Messages: However, Clint became so impressed with Cimino who had already worked on the script for Eastwood’s ‘Magnum Force’ that he decided to give him his big break in Hollywood and let him direct the movie himself.


Apr swcond, at 3: The Lord of the Rings: When are they gonna release it in the UK? Factory Blu-ray Reviewnot ! Add to wish list.

Even though this is a barebones release which is odd for a Second Sight Blu-ray, the quality of the film itself is enough of a selling point for me. Select category Add custom category Go. It is narrated by mother! The finale is very unusual. The US and French releases for their differing extra features, though note not all extras on the French release are English friendly.

The Blu-ray isn’t front-loaded with any trailers, and the menu consists of the box cover image, with menu selections along the right side of the screen. Jan 17, Messages: Jan 30, at