Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. At research center N9, Blue Noah underwent extensive modifications in order to prepare it for space travel using the Aero Conversion Engine. How can I find the whole series? When Zytel was confronted by Hegeler, Zytel vehemently denied the accusations. Hegeler and Jrgens were pleading with Leader Zytel General Z in order to send more reinforcements to Earth in order to destroy Blue Noah when they learned that it is headed for Terror Star. That door is locked.

Gotham’s space ships destroyed the Earth’s extraterrestrial research facilities and attacked Earth – destroying much of the civilization on Earth including research centers N2 to N8. He told the captain that he is Flight Lieutenant Domingo from research center N9 and he was ordered to go to N1 to meet Blue Noah and inform them that they should proceed to N9 in order to upgrade Blue Noah with an Aero Conversion Engine which would make the warship capable of outer space flight. As impressive as a flying submarine with an Anti-Proton Gun is, it can’t match a romantic universe filled with space goddesses in diaphanous robes. That was the end of the Gotham civilization. At that period I didn’t know what “anime” meant. Posted by d merrill at Captain Noah ordered to strike the two bases simultaneously – Blue Noah will strike the base at the south pole while Tempest Jr.

The Gotham’s moon, a military battle station, becomes Earth’s second moon. Hello from Greece I watch Thunder Sub or mostly the first 6 episodes dubbed in Greek Tv during the early 90s in a private Greek chilidren finzl channel called “Juniors Tv”.

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This was most likely done as an homage. Uchu Thundresub Blue Noah — There isn’t a cat on board the ship — there’s a dog! The following is a transcription of a recent assembly of one of the foremost Thunder Sub fan organizations, and is presented eisode the readers of Let’s Anime as a public service in the hopes that this will further understanding of both Thunder Sub and the fans thereof.

The few remaining survivors of the human race escaped to the mountains. Kanada blows ’em up real good. This also aired in the Philippines. Blue Noah plotted an intercept course to ram Terror Star and place it out of Earth’s path.

Anime and Manga portal. If you’ve ever wondered what Yamato would have been like if Nishizaki hadn’t joined forces with Leiji Matsumoto, Thunder Sub is the answer; gadget-heavy space checklists of moving from point N1 to point N2 to point N3 with faces set in grim determination, while the music eisode in a just-this-side-of-actionable way. Views Read Edit View history. One of these scientist is named Dr. I never had the chance to watch all the episodes, because they weren’t available on TV I think only half of them or even less.


It was my first anime when I was years old. Explore popular thundrrsub recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

Without worldwide syndication, the show episodf merely be an even more obscure footnote. Blue Noah leaves N1, Japan, and sets to cross the Pacific, not knowing episoode or not N9 still exists.

Western-World TV and Lionheart documentary evidence. Battle after battle ensued with Blue Noah firing the Anti Proton Gun in funal to destroy all the enemy warships and damage Terror Star itself. Even though we here at the Real Deal Thunder Sub Club are as Real Deal as any Thunder Sub fans can be, we still have to face facts bravely, just as Captain Noah and Collins would do if they were here, and if they were real.

Colin and team then boarded a flying craft fknal decided to proceed to N1 to fulfill his father’s wishes. Meanwhile, on Earth, scientists study the fake meteor fragments that landed on Earth and found out their real content. Fleeing earthquakes, tidal waves, and Death Force fighters, our hero young Shin Kusaka Collins follows the dying wishes of his scientist father and travels to the secret science base N1.

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Resurrection has an appearance by a ship called the Blue Noah. This page was last edited on 26 Mayat Blue Noah was activated and broke free thunddersub the island research center N1. Launched from a secret base, manned by an untried crew of recruits, equipped with an array of powerful weapons including the unstoppable, bow-mounted “Anti Proton Gun”, the Blue Noah sets out on a fiinal through Earth’s oceans, travelling from secret research facility to secret research facility, to find the device that will allow them to defeat the Death Force and their Terror Star!

He then asked Colin to proceed to research center N1 since the hope episodw humanity is in there. The first episode was originally broadcast as a feature-length “TV special” to introduce the series, later split into four minute episodes for rebroadcast thunderdub Japanese local TV stations:. Edit Storyline Year One other notable thing about Blue Noah was the aliens were really alien and didn’t breathe the same air and were not able to speak directly to humans.

They discovered that a group of teenagers are aboard the submarine. That door is locked. Once fully operational, they would change the living conditions on the planet and make it inhabitable by humans – thus causing their extinction.


It is still in my heart. Colin and his classmates and Anna vinal allowed to be part thunderrsub Blue Noah’s crew by serving in Tempest Junior.

Domingo sacrificing himself to complete the mission. Gotham’s space ships destroyed the Earth’s extraterrestrial research facilities and attacked Earth – destroying much of the civilization on Earth including research centers N2 to N8.

When the far-away planet Gotham faced destruction via black hole, dictator Leader Zytel or “Doctor Z” in English ordered the construction of a gigantic colony vessel — the charmingly named “Terror Star” – to allow their civilization to escape. Captain Noah himself would be proud of your dedication. Thunder Sub’ s TV broadcast credits don’t list a dub cast, but sharp-eared viewers familiar with the TNT’s s airing of tokusatsu classic Ultra Seven might recognize the same voice actors in Thunder Subleading us to conclude Blue Noah’ s localization was executed by the same outfit — Montreal based Cinar.

let’s anime: some notes from the meeting of the Real Deal Thunder Sub Club

It was Haegler and his remorse over the loss of the entire Godom epjsode and the realization there was nothing to be gained at that point by wiping out the human epiaode. They sent fake meteorites with transmitters in order to scout the planet. Membership is strictly limited to those who publicly demonstrate True Thunder Sub Real Dealness through a variety of methods.

A compilation of the first 3 episodes would also get a UK home video release. And the kind of outer-space romanticism that Space Battleship Yamato did so well, the melancholy cosmic queens marooned on dead planets, universal love saving the galaxy, that sort of thing, well, that sort of thing is completely absent.

Share this Rating Title: And now gentlemen, to business! Full Cast and Crew. But let’s be fair. Audible Download Audio Books. Who on American public television at the time, you might recognize Thunder Sub ‘s distributor — Lionheart Television, of which Western-World owned a good chunk. The Tempest Junior mini-submersible is housed in the bow of the ship, large Bison attack helicopter known as “Rocketcopter” is stowed in the stern and the lower decks serve as a hangar for numerous fighter jets.