Drop The Mic is back with the hottest and only celebrity rap battles! S2 E14 Lonzo Ball vs. S2 E2 The Odd Couple 3 min. Gaten Matarazzo 2 min. This video gives obviously nonsensical subtitles Get Known if you don’t have an account. And which diva will remain standing when Shania Twain and emerging pop star Meghan Trainor engage in a rap battle that will blow your mind. S1 E6 Vanessa Hudgens vs.

Cedric the Entertainer 4 min. When Ophelia notices the interpreter, she stops and experimentally waves her arms; the interpreter screams. S2 E3 Terry Crews vs. S2 E8 James Corden vs. Never Scared TV Special Ken Jeong 2 min.

Mark McGrath 2 min. Actor Luis Guzman competes against funnyman Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias in a no holds barred death match. Eddsworld has the subtiulado closed captions work like this. Drop The Mic is testing rhymes, does Sam Richardson have what it takes? S1 E4 Drop the Mic 4 min.

Then friends become foes as a slimmed down Kevin Smith goes head-to-head with Jason Mewes. This would spell ‘E-Q-U-A’ if we cared. Hottest Verses 6 min.

Richard Pryor performs his stand-up comedy act on the Sunset Strip. I sure think so S2 E9 Chris Jericho vs. At one point, Hapgood asks Fay a question and she has to consult the surtitle before answering. Bring the Pain TV Special S1 E9 Drop the Mic 4 min. S1 E7 Ashley Tisdale vs. The loveable brothers of Hanson enter the savage battlegrounds to face Veep’s hilarious Sam Richardson. Eventually the CEO decides to just speak in English, because Austin himself was following the conversation by reading the subtitles and was getting confused.


The subtitles were eventually phased out due to creating confusion with viewers who need subtitles. Shawn Mendes 59 seconds. Unfortunately by the deadline, no one had figured it out yet.

The Swedish Chef makes popcorn shrimp. They even roughly match what the actors are saying! I mean, aside from the fact that our daughter died in front of us thinking she was alone and unloved. Ken Jeong and Jerry Springer vs.

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Comedian Dave Chappelle makes his triumphant return to the screen with a pair of blistering, never-before-aired specials from his personal vault. S2 E5 Summer Vibes 1 minute.

At one point, they get involved in a drinking contest, and they end up incoherently slurring, with subtitles telling what they are talking about. See what we did there? The subtitles pop back up, this time reading “Felix Cole—Pervert”. What the fandom has done is make one have just the normal subs and the other have the funny captions added to it. A Trolling Translator may be involved.

Fun with Subtitles

Rofk Anderson 21 min. Matthew Lillard 21 min. Full Cast and Crew. One fight earns the caption “Blunt force trauma”, while more often than not lines that can be considered innuendo are followed with “Bow Chicka Bow Wow”. He speaks in nearly incomprehensible l33tsp34k, with the subtitles being extra-formal and even occasionally poetic: S2 E13 Kat Graham vs.


Chrissy Metz 20 min. Player 2 chick make you waste rockets by bouncing bombs at you.

At one point, the subtitles read “????????? Richard Marx 20 min. For the English subtitles, rather than a straight translation, they reinterpreted the text into Rat Pack -style song lyrics. Edit Storyline In his third HBO stand-up special, Chris Rock brings his critically acclaimed brand of social commentary-themed humor to this stand-up comedy presentation.

For example, when Bhad Bhabie is walking, the subtitles point out how she’s stomping in a “quieter than normal fashion,” explains that she’s “ANGER-LY” getting out of a vehicle, and claims that a gun-toting man making a video is an ISIS recruiter.

Boyz II Men clashes with Rascal Flatts in the rap battle you’ve always wanted, but never knew was possible. S1 E8 Drop the Mic 5 min.

Nicole Richie 21 min. This was a terrible lapse of memory, Bea. S2 E2 The Odd Couple 3 min. S1 E10 Drop the Mic 4 min. Search for ” Chris Rock: James Corden takes on Halle Berry in a rap battle you never knew you wanted to see.