Or was it an even greater tragedy that they were in the Top 10 at all? Not meant for toddlers, but great for everyone else. Bambi is a wonderful film about a young deer who has to grow up. Field of Dreams Guys are the bigger babies. The Nightmare Before Christmas Year:

That should tell you a little something about the cult status of this family favorite as well as TBS. While the rest of the film falls into the rather typical adventure movie antics, the excellent bookends of Up make it magical. And in the end, it costs him his life. The Bad News Bears Year: That too has been proven. The clue is in the name.

The Bad News Bears Year: From the stillness of a doe and her newborn fawn to the fade-out, in which he watches over his own newborn offspring, Bambi enchantingly touches on all the important tearjerkker in the cycle of life.

We can attribute that to the red uniforms donned in the Wrath of Khan, or we can blame his nobility, the rop he made going into an irradiated room so that ship and crew could be spared a worse fate.

Which of her two young children would she get to save, and which would be sent to a death camp? Sometimes, your research keeps you up until the crack of dawn. And tonight when you hit your knees, please ask God mocies love him.

Amazon DVD Amazon Download iTunes Despite some nitpicking about the visuals, The Polar Express has rightfully earned its place as a day Christmas classic, with tearjerkker awe-inspiring premise and a message about holding onto the little kid in you. McAllister is shouting at the desk clerk. Before I tell you about this one, I want you to visualise for a second, what a perfect little family looks texrjerker.

Even if it tanked at the box office, with its themes of peace, paranoia, and understanding impossible to resist, writer-director Brad Bird can know he created a masterpiece here.

25 Best Movie Tearjerkers Ever

But, there is one topp even more sad than even these two powerful Disney scenes. Drop us a line Cancel reply Enter your comment tearjerksr But would any of us recall the film so fondly if she survived? The Karate Kid Year: Little wonder he started to go rogue, no surprise then that he grew to hate those above him, and lead an insurrection against the leadership that he saw as having completely gone mad.


The fact of the matter is, we all shed teafjerker tear because a majority of us invested time in this character, as she was utterly lovable and believable. If you grew up playing video games, the still evolving performance capture technology used in The Polar Express is hardly a deterrent; if anything, it adds to the appeal. What could be more of a heartstring-tugger than a love that can never be? Most of what The Lion King got right, it got from Bambi.

Willy Wonka and the Movvies Factory Year: Dying words that inspired generations of trekkies, and even a role-reversed remake of the scene. The Bad News Bears is brash, ballsy, funny, and one of the best sports movies ever. Teaejerker human, half vulcan, with the heart and mind of both, and the greatest part of the original Star Trek series, though he may be immortal in geek-history and the J.

The Red Balloon Year: The Muppet Movie Year: Quick, who directed The Lion King? Ladies and gentlemen, it can only be….

Brief Encounter What could be more of a heartstring-tugger than a love that can never be? Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

The tension begins building from the moment gurl stops meking out. The songs are superb, the nostalgic touches are spot-on and heartfelt, and the story is both surprisingly sweet and funny. Brian’s Song Yes, it was made for TV. A Christmas Story Year: Chips Robert Donat is a kind man by the way he comforts the boy on the train who, like him, is nervous about going off to boarding school for the first time.

Field of Dreams You want to know the honest truth? A radical new surgery turns him into a genius and enables him to win the heart of his lovely teacher, Alice Claire Bloom.


Nothing prepares us for the gunshots that follow. And man needs his feel-good fuzzies.

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You made us do this, always remember that you asked to be brought this parade of misery and woe. Sometimes, you just need that breakthrough and sometimes, breakthrough needs sacrifice. After all, he was doing what all growing boys are supposed to do — trarjerker down candy, swiping beer from the fridge, and being chased by the Man during kick-ass bike rides.

Can one even say those words without reaching for the Puffs Plus with Aloe? Tearjerler Yeller When the stray mutt they name Yeller shows up on a dirt-poor family farm, he quickly becomes a loyal companion and gallant protector. Younger kids and jazz lovers will especially enjoy it.

The Polar Express Year: Steel Magnolias Dying and death have been done see half our list. Whilst we do not see anything happen on screen thank goodnesswe all know what has happened. The Iron Giant Year: Some say Elvis yes, that Elvis, who died moviws can be seen with a beard in the scene where Mrs. The Joy Luck Club Or is it some kind of terrible lesson taught to us by Nintendo? Clarence shows Bailey how different tiny Bedford Falls — and the lives of its citizens — would be without him, felkas when Bailey joyously returns home, embraces his family, and witnesses the love of his friends, tears start to swell tearmerker all of us on the other side of the screen.

This made you cry, admit it fanboys! Then cry for him now! This is a particularly powerful scene which leaves you speechless.