Member feedback about Ackley Bridge: However she makes guest appearances in series 3. Gary and Cam break the news to Tracy they are getting married and Tracy doesn’t take it well. Meanwhile, Cam comes round to see Tracy in a desperate attempt to make amends. Ryan moved to The Dumping Ground with his non-identical twin brother, Zac. Having formed a bond with Cam, Tracy asked her to use her investigative skills to find her birth mother. Layla is determined to get enough cub scout badges to secure a place on the camping trip, and Tracy and Jackie are put in charge of supervising her, but quickly fall out when Tracy suggests that it’s time for some Beaker-style assistance. Shelley tells the young people that she wants to make changes, allowing the young people to give her ideas.

Member feedback about Leila name: Chris Slater reprised his role as Frank Matthews in episode 20 “Refuge” for a guest appearance. You have to audition Crash’s father was also very angry and short tempered after his wife Crash’s mother left, and he took his anger out of Crash. The girls separate themselves from the boys, but are brought together by their hatred for Elaine. Shelley tells the young people that she wants to make changes, allowing the young people to give her ideas.

He is often prengant as ‘weird’ and ‘crazy’ by other people who live at The Dumping Ground. Michael’s big brother, James, arrives at the DG on the run from his care home, and he is discovered by Tracy and Jackie. Series 1 first aired on 10 September and concluded on 22 October and consisted of 13 episodes.

Is Justine littlewood pregnant in Tracy beaker returns

He has quite a few close friends in the Dumping Ground. The television series focuses on their daily life and the challenges that they face to hide their secret.


People from Hartlepool Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Crash is unsure about seeing him, but as Theo is about to leave, Crash wants him to stay. She departed on 1 April in series 3 during the episode Good as Gold. Marco is also on a mission; to find out where babies come from.

Abby Rakic-Platt as Jackie Hopper. Who played Justine littlewood in Tracy beaker? With the damages being so severe that Cam can no longer look after her properly, Tracy returns to the dumping ground. Elaine Nisha Nayer tells Tracy that Jasper and Kate want to foster her and Tracy is pleased with the news and the residents put Jasper and Kate through some tests to see if they are ideal for Tracy.

When Elaine is iced, Justine Montanna Thompson attempts to discover who was responsible to prevent everyone being grounded by Shelley Nicola Reynolds and Alice soon confesses she was responsible as she did not want to go out with foster parents who do not believe in fairies.

Is Justine littlewood pregnant in the new Tracy beaker returns? The social worker who shows Bouncer ‘s Ben Hanson his room on his visit to the halfway house.

Justine then says that Tracy hasn’t changed and that she still thinks the whole world revolves around Tracy Beakwr and then starts mocking her book she wrote, which starts a classic Beaker and Littlewood Brawl.

They later became a popular romance in medieval Iran,[2] and use of the nam Adele Rochelle Gadd is attracted to Warren. Lol is fast turning into the next David Beckham, and Tracy is quick to notice. Its a spin-off called ‘The Dumping Ground’. Constance doesn’t allow Tracy Dani Harmer to visit, even with permission from Sid.


Meanwhile, Cam announces she is writing a book based on the Dumping Ground, and everyone starts gathering stories for her. After Tracy yells that she wants Justine removed and justinee care workers telling her what to do, Elaine offers help, but Shelley has her moving pot plants. Especially when Charlie comes back into the dining room saying his mum has had a fall, which didn’t sound like what Rick overheard.

Allies Tracy family Dick Tracy – The titular hero of the strip. The minister who performs Jack ‘s Howell Evans funeral. Pregnnt leaves The Dumping Ground with his brother Zac, between series 1 and 2. As Roman power collapsed and the Middle Ages began, three dominant Germanic peoples coalesced in the area, Frisians in the north and coastal areas, Low Saxons in the northeast, and the Franks in the south.

Smyth, Cassie 23 December And that she’d join her in Hollywood to be a star too. When they get tracg, the find an Estate Agent in the house and Jack orders her to leave. He seems to be living on the streets.

Tracy Beaker is coming back but where are Dani Harmer and the cast of the original show now?

Logan arranges for Lol to be the team mascot. Martha is an estate agent, who shows Cam Lisa Coleman some flats. Series 3 first aired on 15 September and concluded on