Expedition Unknown 4pm 3c. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. E26 Phantoms of the Opera. Top Moments From the Oscars. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Philadelphia — Philadelphia Zoo.

Views Read Edit View history. Share this Rating Title: Pennhurst State — TV. Jason and Grant’s little kid laughing in the Civil War section comes through loud and clear. Ghost Adventures Norblad Hostel 24 Photos. A second clip from the area recorded the laugh, now described as a chuckle. Even more insane no pun intended is that when Steve and Jason show the footage to Rebecca, she spots the face of a ghost in the background! Steve and Dave train Joe on how to review evidence and have the tyro begin with listening to hours of audio and he, in fact, says he hears laughing.

Expedition Unknown 6pm 5c. This location was picked as part of the Great American Ghost Hunt contest. By using huntsrs site, you agree trans-allehgeny the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Idaho State Reform School 20 Photos. Cleveland, Ohio — Grays Armory. Steve and Dave train Joe on how to review evidence and have the tyro begin with listening to hours of audio and he, in fact, says he hears laughing. Expedition Unknown 4pm 3c.


Views Read Edit View history. Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango don breathing masks fhost they enter the forensic building. Massachusetts — private residence and Evansville, Indiana — Willard Library. Petersburg, Florida — Renaissance Vinoy Resort. Lewis Flats School 13 Photos. Riverside Plane Graveyard 20 Photos.

Ghost Hunters Recap – th Episode: Grant Is Back | SYFY

Lenox, Lunxtic — The Mount. Himself – Host Sarah Kennedy Close Search Search Type to Search. Close Browser Update Message. Your browser is out of date.

Use the HTML below. Cities of the Underworld 11am 10c. Cashtown, Pennsylvania — The Cashtown Inn. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email.

Suddenly, the whole back of Kristyn’s head gets chilled followed by an indescribable sound in wpisode ear. Another they holds a loud, ominous breath. Close Browser Update Message. Himself – Paranormal Researcher Debby Constantino Hartford, Connecticut — Mark Twain House. Tintic Mining District 14 Photos. Retrieved October 9, Jason enters a room and the voice repeats, but he can’t make out the words. Cities of the Underworld 10am 9c. Jason does not feel comfortable in this part of the building.

Expedition Unknown 5pm 4c.

200th Episode: Grant Is Back

At its peak, it housed 2, patients lunatjc pioneered many medical treatments. She’s surprised to hear one clip in which a voice seems to say “go home”.

Steve and Jason are not prepared to declare that the face is a ghost- the image isn’t clear enough. Kennedy Mine 11 Photos.


Ghost Hunters Recap – Haunted Asylum | SYFY

It’s a familiar face she sees all the time, she says. Westerfeld House 20 Photos. New Bedford, Massachusetts — armory.

Augustine, Florida — Old St. Chester County, Pennsylvania — Pennhurst Asylum. Jeff Belanger as Jeffrey E. Barnegat, New Jersey — Elizabeth V. The team has some incredible experiences: Jason and Grant try recording EVPs in the Civil War section of the main building and see a light a ball of light moving right to left at the end of the hallway.

Error message An illegal choice has been detected. First, there’s Joe Chin! On the other hand, they are all disappointed to learn that nothing was captured on the thermal or video, cameras. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania — Jennie Wade House. Pensacola, Florida — Pensacola Light. Grans-allegheny tells the lead investigators she’d love to have them back.

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Cooperstown, New York — Otesaga Hotel. Louisville, Kentucky — Waverly Hills Sanatorium.