By the end, Auster left me with nothing. That is to say their language means something other than what it says. Frustratingly for us, the myriad characters that flit across the pages don’t let us in on many of the secrets regarding Mr Blank’s incarceration. Usually, if it “is not possible” or “not likely to be possible”, I put a story aside, labelling it as being a waste of my time. And I am sort of glad I hadn’t. The handwritten words, printed out in block letters similar to the ones on the strips of white tape, read as follows: His mind is elsewhere, stranded among the figments in his head as he searches for an answer to the question that haunts him. Yet with Auster’s books it is different.

This article about a s novel is a stub. One he does possess is determination not to cede his personhood. This is a terrible place to start for any Auster virgin because from what I can gather, its a bunch of in-jokes from characters that were in his previous novels. With any luck, time will tell us all. I think this is the third book of his with that basic premise, and he’s such a great writer that every single one of them is wonderful. Kabbalah then destroys the conventional meaning of the signs.

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I wasn’t sure what the minutiae of Mr. He has no memory ths his arrival there, or of his previous life. To sum it up, it’s all these characters from Auster’s other books seeking revenge on this person who sent them on their “missions”–Auster himself, I suppose.

What cannot be known at this point is whether he is reading the word on the strip of tape or simply referring to the wall itself. This passage near the ending states the whole idea of the book: And this method is probably not the brightest of my better ideas. Remember that the next time you write the word “humanity.


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Blank stares into the eyes of the young woman and strains to remember who she is. To pass the time, he begins to read a manuscript on travesl desk, which turns out to be an account of a man’s adventures and imprisonment in ‘the Confederation’, a vaguely sci-fi fictionalised version of America.

I certainly do relate to that as I myself was crippled and forced to a wheelchair after my fall from my cabin roof the morning of Easter Sunday ysnopsis The real deal however was that Mr.

One of the things I liked so much about this book, besides Auster’s writing and storytelling, was that there were points throughout the story where it became possible that this book was taking place in the same world as his apocalyptic novel In the Country of Last Things.

Views Read Edit View history. The writing, initially, is pretty solid, pretty tight.

Travels in the Scriptorium

May 21, Katie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Characters enter the room, perform basic tasks and leave and almost the instant that they are gone Mr Blank forgets who they are. I want to see you again. He doesn’t know who he is, where he is or what he is supposed to do there.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Blank’s lawyer visit the room, and Mr. As he reads the typescript, Blank is informed that te narrative will be used against the writer who has prepared it by those who are persecuting him.

Of all the people involved in this story, she’s the only one who’s completely on your side. The scriptorium of the title refers to a room in a monastery for the copying, writing, or illuminating of manuscripts and records.


Let’s just say there’s a lot of resentment, and we’ll leave it at that. Paul Auster fans, people who like quick reads. Most obscurely of all, James P Flood, a former policeman who appeared only as a marginal reference to a dream in a novel by Fanshawe, arrives demanding that someone explain to him what it all means: Please tell him that I appreciate the gesture The moment I started to tell my story, they knocked me down and kicked me in the head.

As down with Auster as I am, this little novella just completely failed me. One of his snyopsis little tricks in his works is traels have a character from another book sort of whizz by in whatever you’re reading, and you are sitting there wondering whether this happened before, or what, whether Quinn or Stillman or whomever has gone nuts yet, or is going to.

The camera placed inside Mr. After this brief excursion into his early boyhood, anguish rises up into Mr.

Travels in the Scriptorium by Paul Auster

A microphone and camera records every move that he makes. Travels in the Scriptorium Paul Auster book reviews: So far, so Kafka. Is writing a prison Mr. The room, a sort of collegiate Motel 6, is equipped with a comfortable leather chair and a manuscript at a desk. Blank, an old man who wakes up in a room not knowing who he is or why he is there.

You’re telling me I have no choice. Blank reaches out for the next page on the pile and discovers that it is a typed manuscript of ij sort.