Having read this blog 2 years later really is funny. Watch her in her fight with LaRosa, they both looked like Toughmen fighters. Let me ask you something. The funny thing is that many people are buying into it. Consider it me imposing my will over you, the same way Juliana did it over Shayna. Which now, thanks to her, is disdain.

Shayna lacks respect, intelligence, and decent education. She will have a record if she fights McMann and Davis afterwards. No one cares about Shayna. Apr 18, Messages: The last Davis fight is the only one where Kaufman received any damage. Whay Thesaurus did you pull that bullshit out of.? Maybe it was not meant to be with Ultimate Fighter.

Her arrogance and ignorance of under estimating an opponent became her downfall. Defranco attempted an omo plata but Winner was able to escape and land 27 unanswered shots to win in the 1st by ground and pound. Tate was desperate to survive the bell for a decision. Shayna only got points for positioning, but no damage to Julianna.

She knew it did nothing for her career. Who also got dominated in the 2nd round by a greener lesser experienced fighter. That is one of the stupid things ive ever tu. Once again, you are showing jealousy about someone being friends with her while you are not…….!!!

TUF chose some clips of her acting like an arrogant pompous ass. episdoe

You still have to MAKE it happen. The only one who got floored was the overhyped McMann. It is obvious when watching. It is the same with the WM division. Admitted after the fight that she felt numb the entire time and wanted to leave MMA for a while.


Pena would be mid level at best in the UFC. Did I say fought in the cage 5 times?

TUF 25 Episode 8: Hayder Hassan KOs Joe Daddy, Tom Gallicchio taps Justin Edwards

TJ falls off the balance beam and into the pool before the game even starts. Sorry for getting upset and saying all these things. Hopefully you get a chance to come back during this season. The Venezuelan vixen fights like a female Fedor.

She ran her mouth she lost and in this article she is making excuses and sounding horrible doing so. Ronda and I just rolling.

I used to be a fan, but obviously has issues with controlling her emotions. Even her teammate Alexis thought so, and mmw as much on twitter. I do not pay for UFC events,ever. That chick has raw talent and potential, I can definitely see her being a household name in MMA not long from now.

She was fighting till the last minute up until the ref stopped the fight.

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Everyone knows that Marloes looked like garbage at bantamweight. I jumped up and down for joy when shayna lost. Griffin bout began showing up last week after some cryptic emails were sent to a variety of MMA news outlets. I hear he really loves to see your mom done by three or more Mexicans at once, but hats another story. The last good fighter Miesha has beaten was Marloes Coenen over 2 years ago.


She was unable to take her down at all episodee was used as punching for the entire fight. What she did was make this show worth watching, and it worked. Just not my style.

With all the drama over it is now fight time. TJ has the balance of a man with two left feet. She was episore of standoffish. Maybe you should try finding a new line of work. This blog was not about Tate. I have been on network television, pay-per-views and streamed events.

She even cried about the next matchup Miesha chose. Remember that Miesha fought the same way against Julie Kedzie, and was lucky to get out with a win.

Sounds about right epiwode me. As far as my real record goes its probably keyboard battles. Then you should look for another line of work.

Mid level talent at best.