They do not have the luxury of worrying about the collapse of their safe world—their world has never been safe, and lives have to be lived and rising petrol prices gawked at. Businessmen, politicians, criminals, each with their own agenda. This may seem like a cop-out but it leads me to origins. Turbulence bears all these hallmarks. Their reactions to things are believable. And for the first couple of chapters, I hold out hope that it’ll be a fun mashup of, say, Heroes and The Satanic Verses. Superman exists and he’s not American – a starry eyed indian’s juvenilistic fantasy come true.

Aman wants to heal the planet but with each step he takes, he finds helping some means harming others. Mar 04, Kartik rated it liked it Shelves: But it does not explain superhero comics outside of the Marvel-DC continuum. Now that he perceives himself as a superhero, however, he sees the world as his problem to change, and he sees his own personal solution as the answer. It’s not often something makes me laugh out loud – let alone on commuter trains – but from its opening scene, this had me absolutely hooked. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Four hundred and three passengers are traveling on British Airways flight from London to Delhi, when they fall asleep and wake up to find themselves embodiments of the superpowers they were dreaming about.

Interview in the Mumbai Mirro r.

Turbulence by Samit Basu « Fantasy-Faction

Aman wants to use his new abilities to help others and to save the world; he wants to be a traditional superhero like the ones he has read or watched movies about. Samit BasusuperheroesTurbulence.

I’m a fan of the whole fantasy as well as sci fi genre. It made me trbulence and it made me laugh. A mind capable of manipulating mobs, of driving humans and superhumans into an all-destroying frenzy. RIYL if you like fast-paced, funny stories that happen to have superheroes in them.


Sounds interesting and it turns out a mention on Boing Boing already had it on my to-read list. Here is another one with a terribly disjointed storyline and droll attempts at humor.

Turbulence by Samit Basu

Dynopsis even I could have had a better imagination if I started with the basic premise of the plot. His desire to be able to do his job without being cooped up in a fighter cockpit makes sense at least that’s how I read, it, feel free to correct me.

It is, unabashedly, a new style modern superhero novel with a distinctive twist. Elsewhere Tweet to samitbasu Follow samitbasu.

Samit Basu

But it’s not the technical qualities of Basu’s writing so much synopsus the energy of it that made this such an enjoyable read. Turbulence by Samit Basu Saturday, November 3, Then there is “Young Bob”, who has the synoppsis to control the weather and his friend “The Scientist who has another “self” who is a genius and wakes up when his body is sleeping.

I felt a couple samitt were left un-explored, but sanit, there is a sequel, so I will avoid criticizing those until I find out if they were missed, or just saved for later.

Of late I seem to be rather adept at finding and reading lacklustre books. Though Basu never forgets the fucked-up atrocities surrounding his characters, his touch is deft and light enough to bring them in and out of focus in the way that real people are able to notice and forget about the banality of evil they are immersed in.

The whole thing is so badly written that I cannot believe that someone as imaginative as a person who wrote the amazing Game World Trilogy could have written it.

Although Anima is a close second. Even as he gleefully constructs and deconstructs the traditional arch-rival, clash of enemies narrative, he constantly gives his other characters a very relatable impatience with the whole tedium of it. Overall, Turbulence is a clever update to the superhero genre, bringing a realistic upgrade to the 21st century that involves more heart and substance than just adding new costumes and cell phones. The Uzma at the end of the book is a confident woman, taking on the mantle of something she never wanted.


Others on the plane have similar strange powers: He wants to help those who need it most — untold millions without food, power, schools or voices. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes superheroes.

Suddenly Tia and Jai’s gang become insignificant and he never explains the Iron-man suit it even becomes a suit-case just like the Iron Man movie!! Uzma has a turbuoence desire to be adored, Vir aches to defend, Tia wants to live many lives, the journalist Namrata wants to be where the news happens, et cetera. SinceBasu has also written a series synopssis children’s books titled The Adventures of Stoobwhose protagonist is a middle-schooler in Delhi.

To find out more, including how to basy cookies, see here: Hope there is a sequel.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Films such as the rebooted The Amazing Spider-Man due any time now as I typeIron Man the third instalment now being filmed and The Dark Knight also the third incarnation of the Nolanverse Batman due this summer are all current.

None of us chose to spend our lives helping people before we got our powers – why should we do it now? One initial concern I had before reading this book, which is the same before I see anything that ssmit with a ‘new’ superhero setting was how the powers are handled.